System Engineering

Custom Engineering Solutions


If you cannot find an Out-Of-The-Box solution, do not worry. We excel at finding and building custom solutions for all your analyzer and sampling projects.

Turnkey & In-House

We design and offer Turnkey analyzer solutions for all your applications. From hardware to software integration.

Sample systems & CEMS

We customise gas and dust analyzers, sampling systems, data acquisition systems and software for continuous measurement & reporting of stack pollutants

We offer the following Turnkey System Integration Services:

・Feed Support
・Design Services
・Factory Acceptance Tests
・Site Acceptance Tests
・On-Site Training
・Maintenance Contracts
・Trouble Shooting



・Sample Panels
・Environmental Packaging
・Process Analyzer Systems
・Hazardous Location Packaging


・Environmental Reporting
・Environmental Systems

We Engineer

Custom Solutions & System Integration

You did not find what you were looking for on the market? Do not worry, our engineers will find and create the perfect custom build solution for your application.