01dB dosimeters for individual exposure to noise or vibrations

In compliance with European directives, 01dB dosimeters offer the perfect solution for assessing individual exposure to noise or vibrations at the workplace.

VIB vibration dosimeter coming along with dBMaestro software offers the suitable solution to assessing individual exposure to vibrations at the workplace, in compliance with European directive 2002/44/EC and many international standards. (ISO 8041 (2005), ISO 5349 (2001), ISO 2631 (1997)).

Occupational health

The VIB occupational vibration dosimeter is a portable, ergonomic, and very light instrument used to measure the occupational vibration, treat the signal, and transfer the stored data:

  • vibration levels in the  X, Y, and Z axis and daily dose of exposure A(8)
  • seat for whole body measurements and 3 adaptors for hand-arm measurements
  • accelerometer for SEAT measurement
  • signal recording, Spectrum calculation in 1/3 octaves
  • presence sensor for whole body measurements
  • battery life up to 16h

Wireless control

Using a notebook or a computer, you can setup the settings of the VIB, with the use of the dBA(8) software and control them in real time, enabling the user to monitor the measurements at a safe distance from the agents:

  • simultaneous control of diverse VIB dosimeters
  • beginning of the measurement: Auto Run – Turns on and off automatically or by the presence sensor of whole body measurements
  • signal recording: Manual and Automatic (trigger)
  • management of the measurement settings
  • recording of the measurement files
  • viewing in real time of the measured data
  • voice and written comments
  • languages: English, French and Portuguese

dBTrait-HV software

The dBTrait-HV for transference, analysis and printing of the measurement results:

  • in accordance with the standards ISO5349, ISO2631, NHO09, and NHO10
  • indication of the exposure, according to the European Directive 2002/44/EC and ACGH
  • calculation of the Dose of Global Vibration and by codified events
  • whole Body (occupational, comfort, and perception. Sitting, standing or lying down)
  • hand-arm
  • time histories of all the indicators
  • calculations of average values between the cursors
  • languages: English, French and Portuguese


  • hand-arms and whole body occupational vibration VIB dosimeter
  • built according to the standards ISO8041 (2005)
  • dBA(8) Software for monitoring at distance (for Tablet, or Computer)
  • dBMaestro Software for data post-processing ( results according to ISO2631-1 / ISO5349-2)
  • spectrum in real time (1/1; 1/3 octaves)
  • whole body triaxial seat accelerometer (18g) with a cable of 1.2m
  • hand-arm mini triaxial accelerometer with a cable of 2m and 3 standard mounting accessories
  • accelerometer with presence sensor
  • communication by Bluetooth and USB





Automotive, Bio Energy, Bioprocessing, Chemical, Environmental & water treatment, Fermentations, Fertilizer, Food & Beverages, Forensics, Hospital, Laboratories, Marine, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical & Bio Pharma, Polymers, Power Plants, Pulp & Paper, Refinery, Security, customs, fire department, drug agencies, Semi-Conductor, Steel Plants, Sterilization, Universities, Waste Water


Sound, Vibrations