ETG 7550 Portable, emission analysis system for every situation


CO2 [%] – SO2 [ppm] – NO [ppm] – NO2 [ppm] – CO2 [ppm] – HC [ppm] – O2 [ppm]

The ETG 7550 series is the version of our ETG 7500 designed specifically for industrial emissions. We wanted to bring the advantages of a marine analysis system – with all the challenges and solutions – to land. The ETG 7550 series is suitable for all types of industry and stands out for its practicality, reliability and versatility. Thanks to its compact AISI 304 steel casing and its decentralised sampling system, the ETG 7550 is the ideal solution for installations that are difficult or require little space. The automatic backup enables the first-failure operation. The touchscreen operator panel – accessible from any networked PC – make it the most suitable choice for reliability and ease of use.

360° support
The ETG 7550 is highly configurable to suit customer needs. The CO and CO2 compounds are measured using NDIR infrared technology, while the SO2NOx and HC compounds are measured using UV-DOAS technology (differential optical absorption spectrometer in the ultraviolet range). It is also possible to further customise the type of analysis according to the client’s need. Our analysers offer unique features such as automatic calibration and internet support via remote access. ETG Risorse e Tecnologia engineers assist you at every stage to provide the most suitable instrumentation. We have many years of experience in designing emission analysis systems and providing the service to keep them fully operational.

Fit anywhere
The ETG 7550 adapts to any industrial process and is also available in a portable format. Several options are available, such as heated probes and lines to prevent sample gas condensation or filters for special applications. The ETG 7550 can analyse one or more measuring points sequentially and can be integrated with dust control systems. Data can be transmitted via popular industrial protocols such as Profibus, Profinet and Modbus, as well as 4-20mA.

  • Automatic backup system in case of failure
  • Easy and accessible maintenance
  • Automatic calibration
  • Intuitive remote interface on any PC
  • User-friendly interface with the practical colour touchscreen
  • Quick and easy downloading of analysis data in .csv format via USB

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CO – Carbon Monoxide, CO2 – Carbon Dioxide, HC – Hydrocarbon, NO – Nitric oxide, NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide, O2 – Oxygen Gas, SO2 – Sulfur dioxide






Marine Diesel Engines, Stack Gas analysis