AMA – HG 500 Hydrogen Generator

Gas Generator for field installations

The HG 500 model 19″ hydrogen generator offer high performance and reliable operation even under harsh operating conditions. Utilizing field proven PEM cell technology, hydrogen is produced from deionized water on demand only. Thus there is no need to use high pressure gas cylinders in monitoring stations and industrial installations anymore. This saves money and results in a high level of safety.

The HG 300 use an internal tank for deionized water storage. The water is continuously filtered in order to avoid contamination of the water being used for generation of hydrogen gas. This effectively protects the proton exchange membrane and ensureTs extended life time of the electrolysis cell.

If the water will be consumed due to hydrogen generation, the auto-refill feature allows the internal tank to be filled up automatically with deionized water from an external canister or deionized water system. This enables for unattended operation over long periods of time.

The firmware features a menu driven user interface and ensures easy setup of the hydrogen generators as well as operational safety and reliability. Operation of the hydrogen generator can be controlled and monitored remotely via our AMA System Control Software or by using Modbus RTU communication. Different versions of the hydrogen generators operate at maximum flow rates between 160 ml/min to 1000 ml/min.

Our standard model of hydrogen generators – the HG 500 HP Hydrogen Generator – supplies hydrogen at a high purity level of 99.999% (5.0 purity grade). This purity grade is suitable to operating combustion detectors, such as a flame ionization detector (FID).

Instead of using a desiccant cartridge to be replaced frequently, our premium model of hydrogen generators – the HG 500 UHP Hydrogen Generator – features unique SMARTdry™ technology for highly efficient water removal and provides maintenance free operation and low cost of ownership.

This SMARTdry™ technology allows the HG 500 to provide hydrogen at consistently high purity levels of 99.9999% (6.0 purity grade). This ultra-high purity grade of hydrogen being generated allows to operating not only combustion detectors but even to supplying hydrogen as carrier gas. This makes the HG 500 the ideal complement for field operation of any gas chromatograph in industrial or process environments.


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