G10X Sampling Probes for Industrial Emissions Monitoring

TPROBE is a new entry of TCR TECORA G10X line, dedicated to all professionals that need high perfomances during their sampling activities and full compliancy with all standards.

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TPROBE is a sampling probe with temperature controlled heated body with a filter element maded of sintered stainless steel, sintered ceramic or microfiber with porosity 1-5-10 micron. With TPROBE is possible to
couple a heated main tube with adjustable temperature and with different lengths upon request.

At the input, on the stack side, a sintered filter can preserve the second filter (installed in the sampling/dilution chamber) from “coarse” particluate that could be clog up fastly. Positioned at 90° from the main tube, another sampling tube can be installed and the out stack end of it, where is connected to a 25 mm membrane heated filter (quartz fiber, glass fiber, PTFE) that assure a high filtration level. Anyway is still possible to install the second filter inside the heated chamber.


A stainless steel connector is available for zero/span input to be fully compliant to the most important standard related to on line analysers. This is very important to be able to check all system leackage. Same port can be used to dilute the sample gas. Fundamentally, TPROBE is the multi-role probe that can be used for any sampling need!

Main Features

  • Single connector to supply all heating of the probe
  • Digital temperature controllers for both tube and chamber, temp. Adjustment up to 180 °C;
  • Self-heating version with 180 °C fixed set point is available;
  • Special system to assure 100% cold points free. No condensation occur in all the probe parts;
  • Removable cover allow a simple and fast heated line connection, protecting it from accidental PTFE tube bending or tear of it due to unintentional operations or weigth of the heated line if not exterally fixed;
  • Thimble filter available in case of worst sampling situations;
  • Available in stainless steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Monel or PTFE;
  • TPROBE can be be coupled with our ROTATIVE PROBE as single heated filter to sample gases contemporarily to isokinetic sampling.



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