Bravo X Constant Flow Sampler

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Bravo X Constant Flow Sampler, the evolution of “BRAVO PLUS”!

We gave a new “BRAIN” to the PLUS sampler of the BRAVO line, automating some control and data storage functions.
BRAVO X has the same mechanical features as the PLUS version, but the flow is electronically controlled instantaneously, as well as display / memorize the sampled volume.

This means the possibility of not supervising after entering initial settings!

Built-in microprocessor enables DATA STORAGE of all sampling parameters with local recall features and USB port for download.
IP65 keypad and colour display are the user interface to input/modify/access to all the sampler functionality.

With the suppression of flow fluctuations and pressure pneumatic dampener, BRAVO X can keep steady flow during all sampling time period.

If a more performing pump is required, BRAVO X-R version is equipped with a rotary vane pump with graphite: this means linear flow, higher flow rate and higher vacuum.

Sampling in isokinetic conditions: using FLOWTEST ST flow via customized cable (optional), BRAVO X becomes an isokinetic sampler. If you’re a FLOWTEST ST owner, we’re able to modify it (as an option), to interface it with BRAVO X.

Through a Venturi that offers the advantage of instantaneous flow control in any flow condition, a version with flow meter is available as option.

TOUCH-KEYPAD dual display. We created a user interface that meets the needs of everyone in all using conditions. Is possible to operate using the large 5″ colour screen in touch-screen mode, using the keyboard in harsh conditions or both touch and keyboard.

UMTS modem is the latest technological “revolution” that allows remote sampler control.

In accordance with

UNI EN 14385
CEN/TS 13649
UNI EN 12919
UNI EN 13284
UNI EN 1911
UNI EN 13211
UNI N 14790
ISO 9096
UNI EN 16911

Main Features

  • Automatic portable steady flow sampler with microprocessor based control
  • Electronic flow controller, data display and acquisition
  • Flow range: from 0.2 l/min to max 60 l/min (optional: 80 l/min depending on the pump type installed)
  • Pneumatic damper to keep constant the flow during sampling and free of fluctuations
  • High accuracy and stability of the flow measurement
  • Available power supply: 230 VAC-110 VAC – 24 VDC battery (for diaphragm pump only)
  • Volumetric counter (DGM), class 1.5, for accurate measurement of sampled volume
  • Data storage of all parameters with easy recall by keyboard (up to 512 samples)
    • User, site, measuring point
    • Sampled volume, air temperature, atmospheric
      pressure (optional)
  • Data export via USB port (.txt file)
  • Reporting of power failures
  • Vacuum gauge for leaks

Technical Features

BRAVO X Features Model XM TCR Tecora

TCR Tecora


Environmental & water treatment