Bravo Basic Constant Flow Sampler

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Bravo Basic is the TCR Tecora Constant Flow Sampler.

For more than 20 years “Bravo” has been synonym of secure, precise and entrusted sampler. 

Bravo Basic is the economic and pratical version of the portable constant flow rate samplers that are suitable for dust and gas sampling either in stack or in ambient.
It is equipped with an LCD type weekly based timer, allowing to turn the pump on and off.
A digital thermometer shows the measured temperature of the gas at the dry gas meter.
The sampled flow rate is set and read through two rotameters.

A panel position vacuum meter gives the pressure drop reading of the connected devices, and permits to leak the sampling lines.

With Bravo Basic, three different pump types are available: “two rotary vane” and a “membrane pump”.

In accordance with

UNI EN 14385
CEN/TS 13649
UNI EN 12919
UNI EN 13284
UNI EN 1911
UNI EN 13211
UNI N 14790
ISO 9096
UNI EN 16911

Main Features

  • Wide flow rate range;
  • Pulsation free linearized flow;
  • Built-in dry gas meter;
  • Weekly based programmer;
  • Manual start button;
  • Digital Thermometer.

Technical Features

Bravo Basic® - TCR Tecora

TCR Tecora


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