ZAG 300 Zero Air Generator

Zero Air Generator for field installations

The ZAG 300 series of HP Zero Air Generators removes continuously organic impurities and carbon monoxide from a compressed air stream. This zero air being free of hydrocarbons can be used to fuel combustion detectors of online GC’s or THC analyzers in field installations or as a zero reference or dilution gas for validation and calibration of monitoring devices.

For zero air generation the compressed air passes through a heated palladium catalyst chamber. Catalytic oxidization and decomposition of hydrocarbons in this catalyst chamber, which is heated up to a temperature as high as 480°C, ensures highly efficient removal of carbon monoxide and organic impurities. Finally particles, acid gases and water vapor will be removed by a high-grade outlet filter to protecting analytical instruments and calibrators being installed downstream of the zero air generator.

The ZAG 300 HP Zero Air Generator has been designed for 19″ rack mounting and complements ideally analyzers for process, emissions and environmental monitoring applications in the field. The rugged design ensures reliable operation in industrial installations and requires minimal maintenance.



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