Tornado’s Hudson™ Bioreactor Raman Immersion Probe

High-performance process monitoring of bioprocess samples

– Optimized for compatibility with Tornado’s Raman analyzers
– Robust and versatile for a wide range of biological processes
– Compact and lightweight

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Tornado’s Hudson™ Bioreactor Raman Immersion Probe

Tornado’s Hudson Bioreactor Raman Immersion Probe enhances the power of Raman in bioprocess manufacturing by measuring multiple component concentrations and critical quality attributes (CQAs) in real-time for continuous, around-the-clock process feedback. There are many applications for process Raman applications in the “upstream” domain which require precise quantitative information, and this probe provides excellent data in both the fingerprint and CH-stretch regions, facilitating these demanding requirements. Advanced Raman probes like this one provide a perfect illustration of how fiber optics can be joined with other optical components to obtain a simple and flexible measurement.

Real-time process analysis for your bioprocessing needs

Its optical design is optimized for compatibility with Tornado’s Process Guardian and HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman analyzers and can be used for the superior representative sampling and measurement reproducibility for both turbid and transparent bioreactor contents, culture media, mammalian and bacterial cell types, and heterogeneous mixtures.

Improve Analysis

  • Sampling through site glass to avoid exposure of personnel to samples or exposure of samples to atmosphere
  • Long fiber runs accommodated
  • Multiplexing possible to amortize measurement costs


  • Size: 340 mm x 45 mm x 28 mm (13.4 in x 1.8 in x 1.1 in)
  • Weight: 735 grams (complete assembly: Hudson Probe, Inner Lens Tube Assembly, and ViewPort)
  • Excitation Wavelength: 785 nm
  • Immersion Tube Dimensions: 12 mm diameter, 215 mm wetted length
  • Fittings: Industry standard PG13.5
  • Working Distance: Factory-configured for either 0 mm (for turbid samples) or 2 mm (for transparent samples)
  • Surface Finish: Ra = 15 µm | Ra 0.8 µm (32 µinch) or better for immersion optic wetted surfaces
  • Autoclave Cycles: Up to 1000


  • Probe head optimized (etendue-matched) to the spectrometer, further boosting the throughput efficiency and measurement sensitivity
  • High purity optical elements ensure low background
  • No epoxy or gold seals, providing zero leaching risk
  • Compact size and shape fits into constricted spaces



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