TDL-ETG-6900 Laser technology for precise and reliable analysis

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) [ppm] – Chloridic Acid (HCl) [ppm] – Ammonia (NH3) [ppm]

The ETG 6900 series uses laser analytical technology, making them reliable, safe, precise and easy to use. Thanks to tunable diode spectroscopy (TDL), the ETG 6900 series analysers can use very narrow bandwidths, in the order of 0.1nm. The resolution is thus significantly higher than other technologies. ETG analysers can selectively detect specific compounds with minimal interference, even in low concentrations (ppm), continuously and real-time. Besides, TDL technology does not require frequent calibration, which makes them highly competitive in economic terms. Thanks to their accuracy, ETG 6900 analysers can meet analytical requirements in many different sectors.

Environmental monitoring
Biogas does not only come from biodigesters. Although the latter is undoubtedly more productive, landfills are also increasingly being equipped with plants capable of using Methane (CH4) from organic waste decomposition. Biogas – as happens in biodigester plants – is then used to power engines capable of generating electricity. However, the particular compliance of landfills can lead to the dispersion of Methane into the atmosphere. Keeping this parameter under control is of fundamental importance: Methane is one of the leading gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. Several studies have shown the impact of methane dispersions from landfills. Greenhouse gases come from landfills, and are not only Methane; the dispersion of these gases can come from distribution networks, incinerators, industries or others. The ETG 6900 series can monitor the different compounds responsible for the greenhouse effect and climate change. In addition to Methane, the TDL technology of the ETG 6900 series is available for monitoring Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Chloridic Acid (HCl) and Ammonia (NH3).

Industrial emissions
Many combustion processes use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which reduces NOX emissions by transforming them into Water and Nitrogen. Usually, the chemical agent used is Ammonia (NH3). However, due to the Ammonia Slip phenomenon, some of the gas used in the SCR process may not react and end up in the atmosphere. Monitoring Ammonia emissions into the atmosphere is necessary to preserve public health and avoid environmental damage.

A complete range 
ETG 6900 analysers are highly customisable; you can monitor a single compound or several elements simultaneouslyMost communication protocols are also supported, and several options are available. The ETG 6900 series analysers are available in Wall-MountedRack 19″ and portable formats. The installed technology is always the same. The customer’s requirements are met with the same level of reliability and accuracy. ETG Risorse e Tecnologia offers a complete system; for example, if conditions require hot analysis (as in Ammonia monitoring in industrial emissions), several heated lines and sampling probes are fixed and mobile, are available.

  • Accurate and reliable
  • High resolution and low interference
  • Does not require frequent calibration
  • Highly customisable
  • Available in a fixed and portable format

ETG Risorse, It


CO2 – Carbon Dioxide, HCl – Hydrogen chloride, NH3 – Ammonia




TDL – Tunable Diode Laser


Ammonia Emissions, Biogas


Bio Energy, Power Plants, Refinery, Waste Water