Sequential Sampler for Atmospheric Particulate Matter – Skypost X

Skypost X is a stand-alone sampler, protected by a weatherproof châssis, designed to work in adverse weather conditions. Skypost X – Sequential Sampler for Atmospheric Particulate Matter

Compliant with:UNI EN 12341:2023

SKYPOST X is the evolution of the established and long manufactured SKYPOST PM FX. Skypost X – Sequential Sampler for Atmospheric Particulate Matter. SKYPOST X is an automatic outdoor Sampler for particulate monitoring using 47mm diameter filter membrane.

The sequential filter exchange system of the filter membranes with up to 32 filter holders storage capacity, and the electronic flow rate controller, allow continuous, unattended operations up one month, as well as an easy replacement of the exposed filters without sampling stand-by.

SKYPOST X flow range is 10 to 50 L/min and is suitable for dust sampling with LVS PM10 2.3 m3/h sampling head and LVS PM2.5 2.3 m3/h sampling head, according to EN12341:2023. LVS PM1 2.3 m3/h sampling head is also possible.

The new flow control system is composed by a venturi flow sensor as measure device (accuracy better than 2%) and a pump speed control system to regulate the sampling flow. Adopting this new concept the MTBF has been strongly improved. This means very low maintenance especially with 24/7 running time!

The modularity of the sampling head positioning allows to use the USEPA 40, CFR Part 50 sampling head as well.

The completely straight suction tube with its round shape and the separation of the storage filter zone from internal and radiant source of heat, allow to collect and keep the integrity of the pollutants accumulated.

Data Management System

Skypost X has a new data management system with the following features::

  • Continuous sampling data storage of all parameters in the internal memory;
  • Min., max and average values of all the measured data;
  • Alarm management;
  • Data download via USB, wifi app, bluetooth;
  • Data export into TXT format file (imported from excel and other spreadsheet program);
  • MODEM for data download and sampler control. For any alarm an email or sms is sent to the end user in order to verify the reason and
    act accordingly.

Filter X Cooler Technology

FilterX – Cooler is the cooling system for sampled filters storage of SKYPOST X, designed according to EN12341:2023 requirements.
FilterX – Cooler, technology thanks to its smart temperature control gives an optimal protection of sampled filters avoiding their exposition to heat and to water condensation.

Main Characteristics

  • Fully compliant with EN12341:2023; EPA 40 CFR 50 appendix L, EPA 40 CFR 50 appendix J;
  • Up to 32 filter load and storage;
  • Weather proof IP55;
  • Sound pressure level under 32 dB(A) operating temperature from -30°C up to 50°C;
  • Operating humidity 0:100 % rH;
  • Sampled filters temperature control system in order to regulate the temperature below 23°C with external temperature up to 50°C (EN12341:2023 requirement);
  • Sampling probe ventilation system in order to ensure a differential temperature between filter holder and outdoor temperature under 5 °C (EN12341:2023 requirement);
  • Automatic digital flow control with venturi type sensor;
  • Volumetric flow rate measured by venturi device with an accuracy under 2%;
  • Measuring sensors for:
    • Atmospheric pressure;
    • Pressure drop on filter;
    • Ambient temperature;
    • Relative humidity (optional);
    • Outdoor CO2 (optional);
    • Outdoor pollutants such as NOx, SO2, O3, VOC’S (optional, other on request);
    • Ultrasonic wind speed/direction ad other meterological sensors (optional);
    • Real time PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and 24 dimensional classes (optional);
  • Data download and control by: USB, Ethernet, RS485, RS232;
  • Pump maintenance over 16.000 Hours;
  • Filter 47 mm – Free area of sampling 40 mm.
Technical Characteristics

TCR Tecora


Environmental Protection


PM – Particulate Matter, PM1, PM10, PM2.5, TSP – Total Suspended Particles


Automotive, Bio Energy, Bioprocessing, Chemical, Environmental & water treatment, Fermentations, Fertilizer, Food & Beverages, Forensics, Hospital, Laboratories, Marine, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical & Bio Pharma, Polymers, Power Plants, Pulp & Paper, Refinery, Security, customs, fire department, drug agencies, Semi-Conductor, Steel Plants, Sterilization, Universities, Waste Water