Skypost PM FilterGuard

Outdoor Station for Continuous Particulate Monitoring

Skypost PM FilterGuard is an automatic outdoor station for continuous atmospheric particulate monitoring.

The sequential substitution system of the filtering membrane with 16 membranes capacity and the electronic flow rate controller, allow continuous, unattended operations as well as an easy replacement of the exposed filters without interrupting the sampling.

Skypost PM FilterGuard has up to 50 l/min flow rate capacity and is suitable for dust sampling with LVS PM10 2.3 m3/h sampling head and LVS PM2.5 2.3 m3/h sampling head, according to EN1234:2014 norm.

The modularity of the sampling head allows to use the US EPA 40, CFR Part 50 sampling head as well.

The completely straight suction tube with its round shape and the separation of the storage filter zone from internal and radiant source of heat, allow to collect and keep the integrity of the pollutants.

A ventilation and differential thermoregulated heating system allows the instrument to operate even in extreme ambient conditions.

Build for field sampler

Skypost PM FilterGuard is a standalone sampler built into a weatherproof cabinet made to work outdoor in the most extreme conditions.

A test made by an ISO 17025 certified lab showed its ability to work with external temperature form -20°C to 50°C.

Data Management

Skypost PM FilterGuard has a new data management system with following features:

• Continuos sampling data storage
• Min., max and average values of all the measured data
• Alarm management
• Data download via USB and Ethernet cable
• Data export into Excel files

Tecnologia FilterGuard

The FilterGuard is the cooling system for sampled filters reservoir of Skypost, designed according to EN12341:2014 requirements.

FilterGuard technology thanks to its smart temperature control gives an optimal protection of sampled filters avoiding their exposition to heat and to condensates.

Its ability to maintain filters bellow 23°C with external temperature up to 50°C has been tested by an independent ISO17025 certified lab

In accordance with

UNI EN 12341:2014

Main Features

  • 16 filter capacity
  • Weather proof, operative temperature from -20°C up to 50°C
  • Maintains sampled filters temperature bellow 23°C with external temperature up to 50°C
  • Electronic flow rate control
  • Measuring sensors for:
    • Atmospheric pressure
    • Pressure drop on filter
    • Ambient temperature
    • Dry gas meter temperature
  • Volumetric measurement with dry gas meter within ±2% precision
  • Sampling probe ventilation system, to guarantee a differential temperature between the filter and the sample inlet of max. 5°C, in accordance with EN 12341:2014
  • Data download via Ethernet and USB ports
  • Sample conditioning signal for:
    • Wind Direction*
    • External sign* (i.e: rain)
  • Built-in printer

Technical Features

Skypost PM FilterGuard 4
Skypost PM FilterGuard 5
Results of tests in climate chamber performed by ISO17025 lab

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