Sequential Module for dust sampling

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The SENTINEL PM module combined with the atmospherical sampler Charlie, allows the automated and sequential collections of the atmospherical particulate matters on 47 mm diameter filtering membranes, which are contained in appropriate filterholder cassette. The 16 filter capacity and the particular realization of a removable system, permit the filter recovering and replacing without interrupting the sampling, and so without predeterminating the periods of time of its operation. The straight route of the suction tube and the separation of the permanence zone of the filters from the internal or radiant source of heat allows gaining and maintaining the integrity of the samples. Thanks to its reduced dimensions and weight, Sentinel PM is easy to transport and integrate in the monitoring cabins.

The modularity of the sampling head allows choosing the desired impactor type to operate in accordance with the EN 12341 and USEPA 40 CFR Part 50 methods.


  • Total particulate matter;
  • 10, 2.5, 1 micron fractions (PM10, PM2.5, PM1);
  • Heavy metals;
  • 16 filter capacity;
  • Reduced dimensions and weight;
  • Operation box for outdoor use with IP 55 protection grade;
  • Fixable to wall;
  • Forced ventilation circuit for safeguarding the samples’ integrity.

Product Code:
Sentinel ― AA99-013-0005SP

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DIMENSIONS400 × 250 × 600 cm

TCR Tecora


Environmental & water treatment