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To see gas leaks invisible to the naked eyes. For fugitive emissions detection, localization, visualization and quantification (optional). Gases appear in real time as fumes on the attached windows tablet screen. Approved as Smart LDAR Equipment in EPA. method 21 and EN15446 regulations. Safe for hazardous areas.

Uncooled detector technology allows to find leaks
as low as 6,3 gr/hr for methanol at 2 m distance.

• Color
• Infra-red
• Enhanced gas detection
• Thermography

Record your leaks picture or video on the attached
tablet 256 GB hard drive. Then, download the
videos through Wifi to your computer.

• Thermography
• Colorization of the leaking gas
• Estimation of the leaking rate

• Camera : Atex II B 3G Ex NA II B Gc
• Tablet : Atex II 3G Ex ic IIC T4 Gc
• IP 65 for the camera and tablet

CH4, SO2 and VOC’s , NH3, SF6, Methanol, cooling gases (CFC, HCFC)…



CFC, CH3OH – Methanol, CH4 – Methane, HCFC – Hydrochlorofluorocarbon, NH3 – Ammonia, SF6, VOC – Volatile Organic Compound


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