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Portable Black Carbon Aethalometer AE43

Portable Aethalometer® Model AE43 measures light absorption with seven wavelength suspended aerosol particles

Portable Aethalometer® Model AE43 measures light absorption with two wavelength suspended aerosol particles: 880 nm (IR), ‘Black’ Quantitative for carbon mass; and aromatic organic compounds indicating 370 nm (UV). The analytical performance of the device is the same as the Rack Mount Aethalometer® Model AE33, but it is built in a small portable case with a built-in battery that provides mobile operation for several hours. The portable Aethalometer can also be operated with cables from an AC transformer or an external battery or automobile outlet. This device is widely used for studying indoor air quality and mobile mapping of air quality effects of localized sources.

The portable Aethalometer can also be supplied with 7 wavelength light sources


Lightweight Aethalometer (10kg)
Battery powered

Accurate data:

Dualspot technology eliminates post processing
Optical and thermical analysis

Source appointment:

Seven wavelenghts render real-time speciation
Identification of pollutant source using external wind/speed direction sensor

Field validation:

to a reference standard

Rugged, reliable, automatic:

35 years of published performance
rugged, all-steel construction
unattended operation: 1 month minimum


Magee SCI


Black Carbon


Environmental & water treatment




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