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Portable Automated Measuring System PG-350

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Measurement So Easy It’s Almost Instinctive

Portable and lightweight with laboratory-level precision

The New Possibilities of Gas Analysis Begin with “Precision Mobility”
For situations when you can only take measurements in the field, but you want the same precision that you get in the laboratory: HORIBA presents the Portable Automated Measuring System – PG-350 P-AMS.
The HORIBA PG-350 P-AMS , Portable Automated Measuring System PG-350 P-AMS, offers the same accuracy and reliability of laboratory measurements in a portable and durable unit, that is light and has a faster response time.
With a shortened warm up time, a high visibility touch screen, high accuracy in measuring crucial components in the field and the durability to facilitate mobile measurement, the HORIBA PG-350 P-AMS is the analyzer system of the future.


Advanced measurement needs met with advanced features.

  • Cross-Flow Modulation Type Detectors
  • Short Warm-up Time
  • Timer Function
  • Ethernet Capability
  • IP42 protection class

The HORIBA PG-350 P-AMS System Concept
The portable measuring system HORIBA PG-350 P-AMS consists of a portable probe (PSP-4000H), a heated line, a gas sampling system (PSS-5H) and the PG-350EU as the gas analyzer. The system fulfils the requirements of the EN 15267 part 1, 2 and 4 for the periodic measurement of stationary source emissions from stationary sources (QAL1).

Cross-Flow Modulation – Advanced Efficiency for NDIR analysis
In the PG-350EU analyzer, Cross-Flow Modulation (CFM) is employed for the Non-Dispersive Infrared Absorption (NDIR) of SO2 and CO detectors. With the NDIR CFM method, sample gas and reference gas flow into a single measurement cell switching from one to the other. This has the advantage that no optical adjustment is required, the zero point is kept stable, it reduces span drift and the sample cell remains clean.
The CFM method has already been employed for the Chemiluminescence NOX detector in the previous model and delivers the same benefits.

Reduced response time for SO2 analyzer *
The response time of the SO2 analyzer is faster than on the previous model, PG-250, increasing the overall measurement performance.

IP42 compliant according to EN 60529
Building on the success of the previous PG-350 generation, the entire system has an IP42 degree of protection, affording protection against dust and light rain, and can therefore be used in demanding and challenging measuring locations.

Collecting data over LAN network **, RS-232 and Analog
Standard Ethernet interface for connecting to LAN environment, enables real-time data transfer. Once the network connection such as LAN has been set up, data can be downloaded while you are staying in the office or the laboratory, a distance away from where the PG-350EU is operating.

Warm-up time has been shortened, greatly reducing the instrument’s ready-to-measure time
Previous models (e.g. PG-250) required an hour of warm-up time. This has been reduced to 30-minutes for the PG-350EU, greatly reducing the time required for measurement preparation (at 20°C Ambient temperature).

Timer function enables automatic instrument start and sleep modes
For example, setting the PG-350EU’s automatic start time ahead of when measurements are needed, eliminates your need to wait for the instrument to warm up; it will be ready when you are. There is also a sleep mode that reduces power use when the unit is idle.

* SO2 is not part of the measuring system certified according to EN 15267-4 (as of date of printing)
** Requires separate software

Field and Lab

Rugged Lightweight Design
To provide complete support for measurements in the field, the PG-350EU body has been made lighter than previous models. Side guards prevent unexpected impacts during transport. Designed in this way for easy and safe transport, the PG-350EU provides full support for your measurements in the field.

Easy Operation

Operation is simple and intuitive, making it easy to perform measurements in the laboratory or the field.

  • SD™ memory card slot
  • Color LCD touch screen
  • Screen capture function
  • Internal Data Memory
  • On screen guidance
  • Color trend graph

Simple, intuitive operation makes on-site measurements easy. The PG-350EU has a highly visible and easy to operate LCD color touch screen. Data is readily saved on a SD™ memory card for easy transfer to a PC. The unit is equipped with a screen capture function as a standard feature, enabling necessary data to be saved in the spot. There is also an intuitive on screen guidance function, when the operator’s manual is not at hand.

Equipped with an SD™ memory card slot to enable data to be saved immediately
SD™ memory card slot accessed from the front of the instrument enables necessary data to be saved on the spot in the universal CSV format. The SD™ card slot is located on the front of the unit for easy access.

On screen guidance function allows you to confirm review operating procedures instantly
The simple guidance function provides assistance when you have forgotten how to perform an operation. You can review regular operational procedures or important points right on the screen.

LCD touch screen improves ease of operation
All operations, including calibration, measurement and saving on-screen data, can be performed on the touch screen. The high visibility color display makes it easy to check the status.

Easy real time analysis using the color trend graph
A convenient color trend graph function enables gas component trends as a function of time to be confirmed at a glance.

Screen capture function enables data to be saved immediately as a bitmap image onto the SD memory card.
No paper or pen required – simply touch the SCREEN CAPTURE icon and a screen shot is stored in memory.


Measured Components NOx / SO2* / CO / CO2 / O2
Measuring Principles NOx Cross-Flow Chemiluminescence analyzer (CLA)
SO2*, CO Cross-Flow Non-Dispersive Infrared Absorption analyzer (NDIR)
CO2 Non-Dispersive Infrared Absorption analyzer (NDIR
O2 Paramagnetic analyzer (PMA)
Measuring Ranges Standard High
Nox 0 to 25/50/100/250/500/1000/2500 ppm
SO2* 0 to 50/100/200/500 ppm 0 to 200/500/1000/3000 ppm
CO 0 to 60/100/200/500/1000 ppm 0 to 200/500/1000/2000/5000 ppm
CO2 0 to 10/20/30 Vol.%
O2 0 to 5/10/25 Vol.%
Repeatability ±0.5% of the full-scal
NOx above the 100 ppm range: ±1.0% of the full-scale (except as specified above)
CO above the 1000 ppm range: ±1.0% of the full-scale (except as specified above
Linearity ±2.0% of the full-scal
Drift- Nox, CO, CO2 & O2 ±1.0% per day of the full-scale
SO2* ±2.0% per day of the full-scale
Response Time (Td+T90) Nox, CO, CO2 & O2 45 seconds or less (if response time is set at 10 seconds from the device inlet
SO2* 180 seconds or less (if response time is set at 10 seconds from the device inlet
Response time can be switched 10 seconds and 30 seconds
Sampling Flow Rate Analyzer Approximately 0.5 L/min
Output Analyzer 4 mA to 20 mA DC (non-insulated), LAN
or 0V to 1V DC (non-insulated) (optional), LAN
Warm-up Time Sample conidtioner Approximately 3 minutes (with heated line approx. 1 h)
Analyzer ±2.0% per 2 hours of the full-scale for the warm-up in 30 minutes
Working Temperature Range Sample conditioner 5℃ to 40 ℃
Analyzer 5℃to 40℃
Relative Humidity Range Analyzer Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31℃
decreasing linearly to 50% at 40℃
Power Supply Sample conditioner 115 or 230 V AC ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Analyzer 100V to 240V AC ±10% (maximum 250V AC), 50 Hz/60 Hz for common use
Power Consumption Sample conditioner Max. 240 VA; with option temperature controller and heated sample line 230 V: max.
1620 VA, 115 V: max. 920 VA
Analyzer 160VA in normal operation, maximum 220VA (for the 5-component analyzer)
Protection Class Sample conditioner IP42 EN 60529
External Dimensions Sample conditioner 453 (W) x 282 (D) x 654 (H) mm with casters and handle
Analyzer 300 (W) x 590 (D) x 260 (H) mm (with side guards, excluding projections)
Weight Sample conditioner Approximately 18.5 kg
Analyzer Approximately 17 kg
Gas Sampling Conditions Sample conditioner Temperature (inlet) Max. 180℃
Moisture (inlet) Max. 80℃
Gas flow rate heat exchanger Max. 150 Nl/h
Pressure 0.7 bar up to 1.4 bar abs.
Analyzer Other Requirements No corosive or explosive gas components in the sample gas
Temperature Ambient temperature (<40℃)
Moisture Below ambient temperature saturation
Dust 0.1 g/Nm3 or less
Pressure ±0.98 kPa
Other Requirements No corrosive or explosive gas components in the sample gas

* SO2 is not part of the measuring system certified according to EN 15267-4 (as of date of printing)
** Maximum values in technical data must be rated in consideration of total cooling capacity at 25 °C ambient temperature and 5 °C outlet dew point.
Please note: Nl/h and Nl/min refer to the German standard DIN 1343 and are based on these standard conditions: 0 °C, 1013 mbar.

The Standard Reference Method (SRM) is the European Standard for the periodic monitoring and for the calibration or control of Automatic Measuring Systems (AMS), permanently installed on a stack, for regulatory or other purposes. The recognized technology for the SRM method for O2 is paramagnetic, for NOx it is the chemiluminescence and for CO it is Non-Dispersive Infrared absorption (NDIR).

Standard Accessories

Part Name Specifications Quantity
Sampling probe Portable 1
Heated line 5m max. length 1
Gas sampling system 1
Filter element For reference line 24
Signal cable For analog output (2m with connector) 1
Power cord 2.5m 1
Tube ø6/ø4 PTFE tube 0.12m (for mist catcher short) 1
Tube ø6/ø4 PTFE tube 5m (for sample) 1
Tube ø9/ø5 Imron tube 5m (for exhaust) 1
Tube ø9/ø5 Imron tube 1m (for drain discharge) 1
Joint ø6/ø4 straight (for sample tube) 1
Cover Dust cover (for storage) 1
SD memory card 512 MB 1


External Dimensions (mm) System Components
Gas Sampling System: PSS-5H
Gas Analyzer: PG-350EU

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CO – Carbon Monoxide, CO2 – Carbon Dioxide, NOx – Nitrogen oxides, O2 – Oxygen Gas, SO2 – Sulfur dioxide



Analysis Principle

Chemiluminescence, NDIR, Paramagnetic


CEMS, Stack Gas analysis

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