PLGA-1000 Process Laser Gas Analyzer

A new measurement solution that contributes to improve productivity in petrochemical plant manufacturing processes*¹.

The PLGA-1000 Process Laser Gas Analyzer is designed to measure hydrocarbons and other gases contained in process gases at petrochemical plants. The PLGA-1000 uses proprietary technology to measure low concentrations of acetylene (C2H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) contained as impurities in high concentration methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6) which are material gases, continuously at high speed and with high sensitivity . This contributes to improvements in productivity, cost, and quality in the manufacturing process, as well as reducing environmental impact.

*1: Limited to specific manufacturing processes

Delivering New Benefits with Innovative Technology

HORIBA’s proprietary IRLAM™ *¹ (InfraRed Laser Absorption Modulation) technology realizes new solutions for specific manufacturing process that have been difficult to achieve with process gas chromatograph measurements.


  Significant Improvement of Process Control With More Accurate and High-Speed Stable Continuous Gas Measurement

Continuous measurement of low-concentration impurity gas in high concentration hydrocarbons accurately in a short measurement time.

– High sensitivity measurement: ­ppb level (Low concentration impurities in high concentration hydrocarbons are measured at ppb level.)

-­­ Fast response time3 seconds (for details, see response time in specifications)


 Operational Cost Reduction

A column-free gas analyzer that uses IRLAM technology. Furthermore, the frequency of replacement parts and calibration is reduced by using a laser as the light source.


 Compact Installation Area

The use of a small gas cell (Herriot cell), etc. reduces the footprint of the analyzer and contributes to save your space.


Measurement Principle

 HORIBA’s Proprietary IRLAM Technology

HORIBA’s proprietary IRLAM technology consists of three new technologies with distinctive features. These key components are developed and produced in-house which allows us to address to diverse customers’ needs.



Click here for the further details about IRLAM Technology.

*¹ IRLAM is a registered trademark or trademark of HORIBA Ltd. in Japan and other countries.



Name Process Laser Gas Analyzer
Model PLGA-1000
Measurement principle NDIR: Non Dispersive Infrared
Light source QCL: Quantum Cascade Laser
Laser class Class 1(IEC 60825-1:2014)

[ For C2H2 Converter Inlet ]

Components*¹ Acetylene (C2H2), Carbon monoxide (CO)
Range C2H: 0 – 10000 ppm, CO: 0 – 2000 ppm
Linearity ±1.0 % full scale
Response time Td + T90 : 3 seconds at 1.6L / min
Zero drift ±2.0 % full scale per 1 month
Span drift ±2.0 % full scale per 1 month

[ For C2H2 Converter Outlet ]

Components*¹ Acetylene (C2H2), Carbon monoxide (CO)
Range C2H: 0 – 10 ppm, CO: 0 – 10 ppm
Linearity ±1.0 % full scale
Response time Td + T90 : 7seconds at 1.6L / min
Zero drift ±3 % full scale per 1 month
Span drift ±3 % full scale per 1 month

[ For C2 Splitter Inlet ]

Components*¹ Methane (CH4), Ethane (C2H6), Acetylene (C2H2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Range CH4   : 0 – 2000 ppm or 0 – 5 vol%
C2H: 0 – 50 vol%
C2H: 0 – 50 ppm
CO2   : 0 – 200 ppm
Linearity ±1.0 % full scale
Response time Td + T90 : 3 sec at 1.6L / min
Zero drift ±2.0 % full scale per 1 month
Span drift ±2.0 % full scale per 1 month

[ Common ]

Repeatability ±1.0 % full scale
Data update cycle 1 sec
Calibration interval 1 month
Ambient temperature -10˚C to 50˚C or -10˚C to 45˚C
(no direct sun rays, including case temperature influences due to radiant heat and heat conduction)
*The flow rate of the protective gas differs depending on the specification of the ambient temperature
Hazardous area
US, Canada: Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D T4
US: Class I, Zone 2, AEx pzc IIC T4 Gc
IECEx, Canada: Ex pzc IIC T4 Gc
ATEX, UKCA:    II3G Ex pzc IIC T4 Gc
Protection class IP66、NEMA4X
Wetted materials SS316, SS304, BaF2, FKM, PTFE, Au, Ni
Gas connector size 1/4″NPT, 1/2″NPT (Option: N2 generator)
Pressure error alarm
Three channels (Main enclosure, Optical unit, Cell)
DC 5 V to 24 V, 1 A at each terminal
Communication function Modbus®/ TCP
Analog output Four channels (Gas concentration)
4 mA to 20 mA
Max. load: 550 Ω
Contact output Three channels (Calibration / Main alarm / Measurement)
Relay contact output (isolated output)
DC 5 V to 24 V, 1 A at each terminal
Digital output One channel (For signal barrier power control relay)
DC 24 V, 100 mA
Dimension 664 mm (W) x 270 mm (D) x 704 mm (H)  *Protrusions included
Weight Standard 46 kg, Max. 50 kg  *Depends on product specifications
Power supply AC 100 V to 120 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz or AC 200 V to 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption Max. 250 VA
Analysis Principle

TDL – Tunable Diode Laser




C2H6 – Ethane, CH4 – Methane, CO2 – Carbon Dioxide, C2H2



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