Photovoltaic Station Weather System

Met One’s Solar Monitoring System is an automated weather station specifically designed for solar resource assessment and solar farm power generation monitoring, such as photovoltaic power stations. The system is easily customized with accessories for additional measurements, wireless communications, and remote operation.

The Solar Monitoring Weather Station includes common meteorological sensors, mounting accessories, a data logger or the signal translator, power supply, and communications hardware. In the standard configuration, the data logger’s enclosure and sensors are mounted to a heavy-duty expandable 10-ft tripod, but can easily be affixed to any lattice or mono-pole tower. The equipment can be powered from an AC source (100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) or a solar panel power system. The standard sensor array includes two pyranometers, a combined temperature and relative humidity sensor, wind speed and wind direction sensors, and surface mounted temperature sensors to measure solar panel temperature.

Common enhancements include a rain gauge, a barometric pressure sensor, a pyrheliometer, and first class or secondary standard pyranometers.


• Measures Global, Horizontal, Plane of Array & Background Irradiance
• Measures Wind Speed & Direction, Ambient Temperature, & Relative Humidity
• Includes a Surface Mounted Thermistor or RTD Probe to Measure Solar Panel Temperature
• Delivered as a Preprogrammed, Integrated System for Simple Installation
• Utilizes AutoMet 580 Data Logger
• Supports TCP/IP, DHCP Configuration
• Supports Serial (RS-232C/ 422/ 485, MODBUS) & Analog (0-1V, 0-5V, 4-20mA) Output
• Modular & Easily Customized






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