Online GC systems for continuous monitoring of organic compounds in air and gaseous samples , model 4000

For 35 years AMA Instruments has developed and manufactured analytical devices and accessories for trace level analysis of organic compounds by means of gas chromatography. The products are characterized by their analytical performance and reliability and are used world-wide for process and environmental monitoring applications as well as in modern laboratories.


Online gas chromatographs manufactured by AMA Instruments perform a wide range of applications, such as process and industrial applications, occupational health and safety monitoring or determination of hydrocarbons in ambient air. Various analyzer configurations enable the detection of concentrations ranging from several percent down to ppt-levels. Optional modules complement the instruments providing complete system solutions for industrial plants and monitoring stations.

To complement our GC monitoring systems, AMA Instruments also supplies sampling units, thermal desorbers and ancillary accessories for laboratory analysis of organic compounds in air and gaseous samples. Additionally we are able to offer reliable spare parts service as well as superior technical and application support based on our expertise in this field of applications.

The GC 4000 series features an isothermal column oven. This analyzer series will always be the first choice for monitoring of a single component or just a few components, which can be easily separated in the chromatogram.

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Convenient handling and operation

Each GC system features an integrated industrial PC, which allows for easy access to all important analyzer functions. The bright built-in LCD display continually indicates the actual operating status of the gas chromatograph. Optionally a display and control panel with intuitive touch screen operation is available.

The analyzer control software allows for protected access from any external PC via Ethernet or modem connection. This enables the operator to easily modify the instrument set-up or to observe important functions of the gas chromatograph via remote control.

Superior operational safety

The control software continuously monitors all important parameters of the gas chromatograph. Any deviation from the normal operating status of the analyzer will be recorded and saved into a log file. In case of permanent malfunctions or a serious instrument failure an error message will be transmitted to the control room.

Stripping Column Device

This option allows the retention and backflushing of high boiling components and/or humidity in a pre-column in order to separate them from the compounds to be analyzed. This protects the analytical column and allows for short analysis cycles.

Enrichment Modules

For determination of organic compounds at extremely low concentration levels – e.g. for ambient air monitoring, purity control of industrial gases or occupational health and safety monitoring – the GC 5000 series can be provided with a single or dual stage enrichment module.

The peltier cooled single stage enrichment module allows for preconcentration of organic components using special adsorbent materials. Subsequently the sample will automatically be introduced by means of thermal desorption technique.

The dual stage enrichment module is specifically designed for determination of very volatile organic compounds. After preconcentration and subsequent release by thermal desorption, the components will be trapped in a second stage. Only now the sample will be transferred to the analytical column by rapid heating up of the focussing capillary in order to start the next analysis run.

Fields of application for GC monitoring systems


Process and industrial applications

Online gas chromatographs are installed in all kind of industries mainly for process monitoring or emission control applications. The example shows continuous monitoring of trichloroethylene and methyl i-butyl ketone in the exhaust air of an industrial plant using a GC 4000 analyzer. Both components are commonly used as organic solvents and can be easily separated even on isothermal conditions using a non-polar capillary column.

Occupational health and safety monitoring

For occupational safety reasons harmful and toxic organic compounds, such as epichlorhydrine or methylisocyanide, often have to be monitored at extremely low concentrations. Therefore, these kinds of application ask for excellent detection sensitivity of the analytical monitoring system. The example shows a chromatogram recorded during monitoring of indoor air for vinyl chloride. Due to its carcinogenic nature, vinyl chloride is particularly injurious to human health. For this application the GC 5000 system is provided with a single stage enrichment module. Such a monitoring system allows for safe detection of vinyl chloride even at concentration levels in the ppt-range.

Environmental monitoring

Gas chromatographs are used for monitoring of aromatic hydrocarbons and other ozone precursors in ambient air in order to observe the compliance with environmental regulations. The chromatogram shown was acquired with a GC 5000 BTX analyzer and gives an example for monitoring of benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene in ambient air. During the measuring cycle, benzene was present at a concentration level of 2 µg/m3 only. This detected concentration falls well below the legally permitted value according to the directives of the European Community.

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