Multifunction Calibrator FLOWCALAIR


Flowcal Air Much More Than a Simple Flow Calibrator.


Flowcal Air Multifunction Calibrator allows to perform all necessary controls to verify the calibration of some parameters, which are normally measured by sampler, like flow rate, pressure and temperature. This characteristic makes Flowcal Air unique to test the accuracy of an instrument and to follow a quality system procedure.

Measurement traceability

This is very important to follow a quality system procedure. Flowcal Air generates a calibration report, containing the following data: cell in use, calibration expiration date, ambient conditions during verification test, deviations, test date and hour, etc.

It is no longer necessary to write paper reports.

Flowcal Air has a USB port: to download the report, simply insert and copy files onto a common USB key.

Sensor and measurement calibration have been performed with high accuracy and care. Each sensor is calibrated through an accurate procedure and is traceable to standards.

Each instrument is supplied with a calibration certificate or, optionally, with ISO 17025 accredited laboratory certificate.

In compliance with

UNI EN 12341:2014
UNI EN 14211:2012
UNI EN 14212;2012
UNI EN 14625:2012
UNI EN 14626:2012
UNI EN 14662:2015

Flowcal Air Main Features

  • Reference calibrator to measure:
    • Flow;
    • Absolute Pressure;
    • Differential Pressure;
    • Temperature.(1)
  • Flow calibrator with Interchangeable measurement cells Flowcell Air, available in different ranges;
  • High precision pressure calibrator, with thermal drift compensation device;
  • Creation of calibration report;
  • Creation of measurement log directly on the USB Key;
  • Power supply with alkaline or rechargeable batteries AA type, replaceable by customer;
  • Battery autonomy up to 90 hours;
  • Internal memory capability up to 256 Report;
  • Available with ISO 17025 accredited laboratory certificate (optional).

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