Do you need reliable portable moisture analysis with simple operation and fastest possible results? Since 1968, the Manalytical team have developed hygrometer solutions that deliver value at every point of the process. A combination of unique design, constant R&D and 50+ years of experience has resulted in a range of analysers that continue to set the standard for providing fast, reliable and traceable moisture analysis data.

With the MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer, these cutting-edge capabilities are presented in a portable device that elevates spot-check measurements to a new level of simplicity and performance, with a broad range of measurement from 0.1 – 1000 ppmV.

Based on the established Manalytical Silicon Sensor (Si-Chip) technology, the MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer provides unparalleled measurement capability in a simple-to-operate, lightweight and rugged package. There are no intricate sampling systems, no requirement for precise gas flow or pressure settings, no temperature compensations, no complicated software interfaces or complex sub-menus – the MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer simply provides the most reliable data in the shortest possible time and with maximum traceability.

No matter whether you approach the subject of hygrometry from the perspective of the procurement officer, the design engineer or the plant operative, the advantages of the MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer are clear and compelling. In a rapidly changing world that strives for increased efficiencies and maximum return on investment, Manalytical has delivered a product that is “simple from start to finish”. The ultimate value of the MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer is that you can rely on it. You might say that we did the hard work, so that you don’t have to.

Advantages for Design & Site Engineers:

  • An analyser that delivers reliable data in real-time
  • Based on established & proven MicroView Mini design
  • Ultra-fast response – validated results within minutes
  • No requirement for precise control of flow or pressure
  • Low gas consumption – save product & cut emissions
  • Versatile – compatible with a range of sample gases
  • Small, hand-held device – low weight of 3.15kg
  • ISO 17025 calibration option for maximum traceability

Advantages for the Buyer

  • Attractive pricing
  • Simple, fast and cost-effective operation
  • No hidden buying costs, analyser ready out of the box
  • No additional costs of complex sampling systems
  • Standardisation – same analyser for many processes
  • Long mean service interval
  • Proven technology – high reliability with no no spare parts
  • Value for money / low cost of ownership

After many years of delivering the MicroView Mini technology for online moisture measurement, Manalytical presents the MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer as the equivalent analyser for spot-check use. Since the technology is already established and proven in the market, you can be confident in
choosing a hygrometer that is underpinned by a track-record of highest quality performance. Favoured by buyers and operators because of a range of performance and practical benefits:

  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to operate
  • Fast, accurate & repeatable
  • Traceable calibration
  • Value for money



Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensor
Manalytical’s Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensor is unique within the industry and offers unrivalled speed of response, stability and repeatability of data. Controlling the sensor at a fixed operating temperature gives faster measurement, reduces contamination effects, lessens the effects of hysteresis and provides traceable, laboratory standard performance in the field.

Push Purge® Feature

The Push Purge® feature is a proprietary technology that allows the sensor temperature to be elevated above the boiling point of water. Using Push Purge®, the operator can dry the sensor at the touch of a button, verify readings without disrupting the sample and protect the instrument against
the effects of contamination.


The above graph trace shows the performance of the MicroView Mini during actual tests performed by a Manalytical client:

  • The trace shows excellent accuracy against the client’s test standard, with error of 0.1 ppmV (100 ppbV).
  • The outstanding reproducibility of the measurement is demonstrated by the MicroView Mini displaying a value of 7.5 ppmV for each test
    cycle. It is evident that the measurement is repeatable with each switch between purge gas and span gas.
  • Speed of response to T100 is measured at 8 minutes and with T90 achieved in under 2.5 minutes, providing huge productivity gains.

The fact that the Manalytical MicroView Mini outperformed all the other devices, whilst being in a significantly smaller package and at a better value
proposition, vindicates our statement that “good things come in small packages”. This pursuit of excellence is further demonstrated by our unique commitment to providing traceable calibration with ISO17025 accreditation at ppbV levels


The MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer is  deally suited to a range of industrial manufacturing and high-purity QC applications, where fast & accurate spot-check analysis is of importance:

  • Industrial & specialty gases (ASU, cylinder fill & QC, trailer fill, delivery, medical)
  • Industrial manufacturing, process control and batch drying
  • Aerospace – precision manufacturing, breathing air systems etc
  • Power generation
  • Pharmaceutica
  • Food & beverage
  • Process commissioning & start-up
  • Laboratory QC analysis

MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer (MCM)