MicroView Mini Hygrometer Ex-d

Trace-Level Moisture Analysis – ATEX/IECEx Certified for Hazardous Area Use

When critical moisture analysis can only be made in a plant Hazardous Area, then the MicroView Mini Hygrometer Ex-d is integrated inside a certified Ex-d enclosure, ready for installation & commissioning.

For 40 years, MCM’s unique Temperature-Controlled Silicon Oxide sensor [“Si-Chip”] has delivered a clarity of vision far beyond the capability of alternative hygrometer technologies, with a response speed and sensitivity that reveals process information in the type of fine detail that is otherwise invisible to other types of moisture analyser. In short, the MCM hygrometer provides realtime data and a level of accuracy unattained by any other moisture analyser technology.

Ideally suited to any hazardous area process application that requires precise moisture control in the sub parts per million [ppmV] range, not only doesthe MicroView Mini Hygrometer Ex-d deliver cutting edge analysis, it is also a dream for the process engineer and instrument technician. Ready to install direct from the box, the analyser has no complex setup, commissioning or operational requirements and is completely “self-managing” in all aspects of routine use. Compared to alternative hygrometers that require detailed programming of instrument parameters, precise control of sample conditions and inefficient maintenance interventions, the MicroView Mini Hygrometer Ex-d is the very definition of a “plug and play” analyser solution.

MCM is committed to the delivery of leading-edge hygrometer equipment, but we are also dedicated to the crucial foundations of traceable calibration standards. This is a unique position in the marketplace. Since our formation in 1968, MCM has pioneered advancements in calibration procedures. Developments include an ISO 17025 Primary Standard moisture generator that provides a “World First” accredited lowest moisture calibration traceability of 10 parts per billion [ppbV], with uncertainty of ±2 ppbV. Our 50+ years of innovation is testament to the dedication of our team; for you, the user, it reflects the value of dealing with specialists.

The Need for High Quality Process Data

The collection of the highest quality process data is critical for the optimisation of any industrial application, be that in terms of product quality, productivity, profitability, extending maintenance schedules or plant health & safety. Choosing the correct moisture analyser can deliver enormous cost savings or, alternatively, specifying a poorly performing analyser can lead to significant unseen cost penalties.
By specifying a hygrometer with high performance and proven track record, the operator also gains the utmost confidence in the data that is provided, which allows critical decisions to be made quickly and with assurance. If the moisture analyser delivers a realtime response, then immediate interventions can be made in the event of process degradation or serious process upset.

Typical Applications

The MicroView Mini Ex-d Hygrometer brings the highest standard of moisture analysis for critical hazardous area applications such as:- dryer outlet monitoring, H2 electrolysis and sweet natural gas measurement. For any process with heavy hydrocarbons or other impurities, then the MicroView Mini Ex-d Auto-Zero Hygrometer provides added protection and measurement validation options. Contact MCM’s Sales Application Team for more details.

MCM’s Technical Advantage

MCM’s unique Temperature-Controlled Silicon Oxide sensor [“SiChip”] is unique within the industry and offers unrivalled speed of
response, stability and repeatability of data. Controlling the sensor at a fixed operating temperature [+45°C] gives faster measurement and enhanced sensitivity to changes in the process condition. The effects of contamination are reduced and effects of hysteresis are minimised. Unlike other types of hygrometer, there is no sensor “sleep mode”.

The Push Purge® Feature – In-Built Verification

The Push Purge® feature allows the sensor temperature to be elevated above the boiling point of water. MCM hygrometers automatically use Push Purge® as part of their built-in and fully automatic self-validation process. With Push Purge®, the validation happens by disturbing the equilibrium of the sensor, rather than the process, and without requiring any input from the operator.

Summary of MCM Advantages

Whether you approach the topic of moisture analysis from the perspective of procurement, a design engineer or plant operative / management, MCM’s leading hygrometer technology provides a proven “no-risk” solution. With a wide variety of compelling performance and commercial advantages, based on 50+ years of experience, the MCM solution is “simple from start to finish”:

Advantages for the Buyer
  • Value for money / low cost of ownership (CapEx & OpEx)
  • Straightforward, fast & cost-effective to install
  • No hidden buying costs – the analyser is ready out of the box
  • Versatile – simple to specify, with no complex options list
  • Long service interval & years of demonstrated reliability data
Advantages for Engineers & Operators
  • An analyser that delivers reliable data in “real-time”
  • Provides proven and robust operation “in the field”
  • Fast & simple installation, no long commissioning process
  • No need for exact control of flow, pressure or gas temperature
  • Low flow rate + fast sensor response = minimal gas wastage
  • No routine spare parts requirement
  • Install in remote plants – no local technical support is required
  • ISO 17025 calibration option for maximum traceability
  • Traceable calibration to 10 ppbV [±2 ppbV]
  • Small footprint aids project design and plant upgrade projects

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