MGA – Spectrometer MGA 1200 CS

The MGA – Spectrometer MGA 1200 CS system advances the state-of-the-art in process mass spectrometry with the first CyberSecure PLC enabled mass spec. Fusing mass spectrometer technology with Schneider Electric’s Modicon X/80 PAC and Magelis HMI, the MGA 1200CS delivers the fastestgas analyzer on the market.

These multiple gas analyzers utilize proprietary magnetic sector mass spectrometer technology that provides rapid, accurate and stable monitoring of multi-component gas streams with response times that can be less than one second. Typical process and environmental applications are for ambient air, ammonia, ethylene oxide, fermentation, purity gas analysis coke oven and blast furnace top gas and others for the steel, biopharmaceutical gas industries.


  • Superior stability, sensitivity, resolution and ruggedness
  • Rapid analysis time, multiple components in 1 second
  • Non-scanning – simultaneous analysis from multiple Faraday detectors providing REAL-TIME analysis
  • Measures up to 16 components from mid-ppm to 100% for as many as 100 sampling sites
  • Optional validation assistance for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


  • Continuous and instantaneous analysis
  • Analyze up to 128 streams, including both process and calibration gases,

in user- defined order

  • Standard communications – RS-232 Serial – Modbus® RTU & TCP/IP
  • Optional communications – Analog (0-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA) – OPC® – Profibus
  • Scalable sampling systems and calibration manifolds available



  • H2/N2 Converter Efficiency
  • Reactor Efficiency
  • Separation


  • Microbial Fermentation
  • Mammalian Cell Culture
  • Reactor Feed Gas

Ethylene Oxide

  • Reactor Inlet
  • Reactor Outlet
  • Pilot Plant

Fuel Cell Analysis


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Mass Spec – Fixed Magnetic sector


Ammonia Urea, Biotech-Pharmaceuticals, Ethylene Cracking, Ethylene Oxide, Fermentation Processes, Steel Processing


Argon, C2H4 – Ethylene, C2H6 – Ethane, CH4 – Methane, CO – Carbon Monoxide, CO2 – Carbon Dioxide, H2 – Hydrogen, N2 – Nitrogen Gas, NH3 – Ammonia, O2 – Oxygen Gas




Fermentations, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Refinery, Steel Plants