Kunak AIR Pro Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

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The air quality monitoring station for professionals

After 7 years of designing and deploying small air quality stations all over the world, we have created the new Kunak AIR Pro, a huge evolution of our previous sensor-based air quality monitoring station designed to solve all the lifecycle challenges of an air quality product, its operation and maintenance, as well as the need of every environmental project.

Its multipollutant cutting-edge design includes environmental sensors as well as connectors for external weather sensors or probes which, together with its solar panel operation and real-time wireless data transmission makes the Kunak AIR Pro the most advanced air quality monitoring station on the market.


CO   CO  NO   NO2  O3   SO2   H2S   NH3  COVs PM1   PM2.5   PM4   PM10   TSP   TPC

Temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and dew point.

Set up in less than 10′ with visual diagnosis in a built-in display

Replace and combine cartridges with a plug & play system

Designed for type approval & certification

Adjust the baseline and span remotely

Visualize, analyze and manage your data in the cloud

Measure up to 5 gases and particulate matter at once

Autonomous operation with its built-in battery and solar panel

Access to your data and alarms in real time

Connect wind, rain, noise, and other sensors

Gas cartridges

Kunak Smart Gas Cartdriges solve many of the known issues of sensor technology: sensor variability, factory and field calibration, automatic data invalidation, sensor replacement, network operation and maintenance work.

Kunak’s Smart Gas Cartridges ensure measurement control throughout the life cycle of each sensor, making the Kunak AIR Pro more sustainable and our customers’ lives easier.

257 x 270 x 225 mm
Weight<3.5 kg
EnclosurePMMA & Polycarbonate & Stainless steel
Operating temperature-20 ºC to +60 ºC
Operating humidity0 to 99 %RH
IP ratingIP65
BatteryLithium 2.9Ah or 26Ah
External supply7 – 12 Vdc. Charger or Solar panel
Autonomy24/7 with solar panel or charger
Power consumption0.08-1.2W (depending on configuration)
CommunicationsMulti-Band 2G/3G/4G (LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/UMTS/ HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+/GSM/GPRS/EDGE) or Ethernet


Gas sensorsCO, CO2, NO, NO2, O3, SO2, H2S, NH3 & VOCs
PM sensorPM1, PM2.5 & PM10
Internal statusTemperature / Battery / Charging voltage & current / Signal
Built-in sensorsTemperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and dew point
Additional sensors & actuators#3: Noise meter & Digital output (Relay)

#4: Modbus RS485 RTU & 4-20mA & Configurable power supply output

#5: Anemometer & Rain gauge inputs

Sampling frequency3Hz gases, 1Hz particles
Averaging periodsFrom 10 seconds to 1 hour
Sending periodsConfigurable from 5 min to 4 hours
Remote managementBidirectional communications
Remote configuration and calibration
SIMEmbedded eSIM and SIM holder
ParameterTypeUnit of measurementMeasurement range (1)Resolu-tion (2)Operat. temp. range (3)Operat. RH range (4)Operat. life (5)Guarantee range (6)Limit of detection (11)Performance limit
level (14)
Typical accuracy (15)Typical 90% confidence interval(16)R2 typical precision
COElectrochemicalµg/m3, ppb0-12,000 ppb 1 ppb-30 to +50 ºC15 to 90 %RH> 24 months1,000 ppm10 ppb< 50 ppb± 0.08 ppm0.125 ppm> 0.85
CO2Non-dispersive Infraredµg/m3, ppm0-5,000 ppm 1 ppm0 to +50 ºC0 to 95 %RH> 7 years± 30 ppm
NOElectrochemicalµg/m3, ppb0-5,000 ppb 1 ppb-30 to +40 ºC15 to 85 %RH> 24 months20 ppm2 ppb< 5 ppb± 4 ppb10 ppb> 0.9
NO2Electrochemicalµg/m3, ppb0-5,000 ppb 1 ppb-30 to +40 ºC15 to 85 %RH> 24 months20 ppm2 ppb< 10 ppb± 5 ppb10 ppb> 0.85
O3Electrochemicalµg/m3, ppb0-2,000 ppb 1 ppb-30 to +40 ºC15 to 85 %RH> 24 months20 ppm2 ppb< 10 ppb± 8 ppb14 ppb> 0.9
H2SElectrochemicalµg/m3, ppb0-2,000 ppb 1 ppb-30 to +50 ºC15 to 90 %RH> 24 months100 ppm4 ppb< 10 ppb± 10 ppb20 ppb> 0.75
SO2Electrochemicalµg/m3, ppb0-10,000 ppb 1 ppb-30 to +40 ºC15 to 90 %RH> 24 months100 ppm5 ppb< 20 ppb± 15 ppb25 ppb> 0.7
NH3Electrochemicalmg/m3, ppm0-50 ppm 0.1 ppm-10 to +50 ºC15 to 90 %RH> 24 months100 ppm<0.1 ppm< 0.5 ppm± 0.3 ppm
VOCsPhotoionizationmg/m3, ppm0-40 ppm 0.01 ppm-20 to +60 ºC0 to 99 %RH10,000 hours20 ppm0.01 ppm
PM1Optical particle counterµg/m30 – 1,000 µg/m31 µg/m3-10 to +50 ºC0 to 95 %RH> 24 months± 6 µg/m312 µg/m3> 0.9
PM2.5Optical particle counterµg/m30 – 1,500 µg/m31 µg/m3-10 to +50 ºC0 to 95 %RH> 24 months± 10 µg/m318 µg/m3> 0.8
PM10Optical particle counterµg/m30 – 2,000 µg/m31 µg/m3-10 to +50 ºC0 to 95 %RH> 24 months± 18 µg/m330 µg/m3> 0.7
Noise LAeqOmnidirectional micdB(A)35 – 130 dB(A)0.1 dB(A)-30 to +50 ºC1 to 95 %RH> 24 months Freq. range
± 1 dB(A)3 dB(A)> 0.9
TemperatureSolid stateºC-40 to +150 ºC0.01 ºC-40 to +150 ºC0 to 100 %RH> 5 years± 0.9 ºC1.5 ºC> 0.95
Relative humiditySolid state%RH0 – 100 %RH0.18 Pa-40 to +150 ºC0 to 100 %RH> 5 years± 3 %RH6 %RH> 0.95
PressureSolid statehPa300 – 1,100 hPa ± 7 ppb-90 to +85 ºC0 to 100 %RH> 5 years± 2 hPa3 hPa> 0.95

(1) Measurement range: Concentration range measured by the sensor.
(2) Resolution: Smallest unit of measurement that can be indicated by the sensor.
(3) Temperature range: Interval of temperatures that the sensor could be exposed to.
(4) RH range: Interval of humidities that the sensor could be exposed to.
(5) Operating life: Lifetime of the sensor in normal conditions. Long exposures to humidity above 85% can damp the sensor and affect the measurements.
(6) Guarantee range: Limit covered by the guarantee.
(11) LOD (Limit of detection): Measured quantity value giving the probability of falsely claiming the absence or presence of a component.
(14) Performance limit level: Readings below this level can have lower performance than specified. Measured against reference instrument.
(15) Typical accuracy: Is obtained as the mean absolute error (MAE) between KUNAK AIR hourly measurements and reference instruments in 1 to 8 months field test between -10 to +30ºC in different countries.
(16) Typical 90% confidence interval: 90% of the hourly measurements obtained in 1 to 8 months field tests between -10 to +30ºC in different countries are below this absolute error comparing to reference instruments.
(17) Typical precision R2: The average R² between Kunak AIR Pro hourly measurements and reference instruments in 1 to 8 months field tests between -10 to +30ºC in different countries.





CO – Carbon Monoxide, NH3 – Ammonia, NO – Nitric oxide, NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide, O3 – Ozone, PM1, PM10, PM2.5, SO2 – Sulfur dioxide, VOC – Volatile Organic Compound


Automotive, Bio Energy, Bioprocessing, Chemical, Environmental & water treatment, Fermentations, Food & Beverages, Forensics, Laboratories, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical & Bio Pharma, Polymers, Power Plants, Pulp & Paper, Refinery, Security, customs, fire department, drug agencies, Semi-Conductor, Steel Plants, Sterilization, Universities