Kunak AIR Cloud & API

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Our web-based air quality monitoring software helps environmental professionals to use and understand air quality data and delivers operational environmental intelligence to make informed decisions.

Multipurpose air quality software for professionals


Thanks to our bidirectional software, Kunak Cloud offers professionals a new way to handle remote settings configuration, alarms management, calibration and field operations, as well as a complete suite for data analysis.

Kunak Cloud is a flexible modular software designed for easy user account management, simple network operation, intuitive data validation, and simple analysis and reporting.

The Kunak Cloud web platform is the powerful software that completes the comprehensive Kunak AIR solution.

  • Pollution sources characterization
  • Leakage detection
  • Hotspots identification
  • Particle size analysis
  • Control panel
  • Multiparametric analysis
  • Alarms & Log traceability
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)
  • Data validation
  • Custom reports

Kunak API – Integration onto Smart City platforms

Easily integrate information onto any Website or Smart City platform

Kunak API is a powerful interconnection system with Kunak AIR Cloud that allows clients to deploy their own solutions, tools and applications for visualization and management, extract the information and include it into their Software or management system, and programmatically access all the functionalities of our advanced platform for the management of air quality and noise networks. It interacts programmatically with the  Kunak AIR Cloud platform, automating processes such as data readings, warnings,  or the configuration of equipment. It also allows developing own tools for data visualization and processing, creating automated systems whose operation depends on the captured data, and interacting with third-party systems, applications, services and devices.

  • JSON format for inputs and outputs
  • Call limit adapted to each solution
  • Outputs limited in size for quick response in any network
  • Allows to export the data to other systems for processing with other sources
  • Backup from Kunak AIR Cloud as the main platform for management, data backup and configuration tool



Environmental Protection, Safety


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