Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Chemical identification

Chemical identification such as explosives, narcotics, hazardous chemicals and chemical warfare agents. Serstech has focused on the safety and security industry as a first step in its evolution.

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Government agencies are the main customer group in this area. The database of substances covers commercially available explosives, improvised explosive devices (IED), home-made explosives and precursors, used in manufacturing of explosives.


• In November 2017, Serstech launched the Chemical Warfare Agents database. The need for identification if such chemicals is growing and we expect this application area to increase in importance in 2018 and beyond.
• Hazardous chemicals is large and growing. First responders need to quickly and safely identify these chemicals at accident or spill sites. Serstech’s database of thousands of hazardous chemicals also includes information that helps the hazmat team to make life-saving decisions on site.


Customs, police and prison authorities and United Nations are using Serstech’s solutions to identify illicit drugs. The database of substances is based on the UN lists of controlled substances and has been produced together with the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) and others.


Serstech has focused on the safety and security industry as a first step in its evolution. As the use of chemicals increases in virtually all industries and government regulations follow, the need for quick and easy identification and documentation of chemicals continues.

• Serstech 100 Indicator, Raman Spectrometer
• Demo databases with 100 substances
• Upgrades: Different dedicated databasessuch as Explosives, Narcotics, Chemical Warfare and Pharmaceuticals
• Add-ons: (Explosives and Hazardous Materials)
• Accessories: Demo kit, Field Sample kit, Small Peli Case

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