Cleanroom molecular contamination monitoring

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The ETG ORION is the version of our ETG GUARDIAN designed explicitly for monitoring pollutants in cleanrooms. The efficiency of the ETG 9500 analyser with FTIR technology (on which the ORION system is based) allows the semiconductor industry to maintain safe and efficient production environments. With its convenient system for automatically scanning multiple cleanrooms sequentially, the ETG ORION is the ultimate solution for reliability, safety and cost reduction.

A leader in VOC analysis
ETG Resources & Technology has many years of experience in analysing molecular contamination in cleanrooms. We have supplied analysis systems to the largest Italian and international semiconductor industries. Using our FTIR 9500 analyser, we can monitor the contamination of various types of compounds, such as Aldehydes, Organic Acids and Ketones. ETG Risorse e Tecnologia can use different technologies to cover any required analysis range. Each ETG ORION system can be customised to suit each client’s needs. Our technicians – trained and certified to operate in cleanrooms – perform maintenance and calibration to keep the instrumentation at the highest level of efficiency.

Practical and automatic
The ETG ORION system can analyse VOC contamination in multiple cleanrooms; users can set up a scan sequence to repeat it cyclically. ETG Risorse e Tecnologia has developed several accessories that make the system even more convenient to operate. For example, we have permeation tube calibrators that allow you to perform calibrations on your own. The extensive internal database can store an unlimited amount of data. It can be accessed easily by downloading in a few steps. The ETG ORION system can also generate automatic reports and threshold alarms that can be sent to one or more recipients via e-mails so that the situation is always under control.

  • A complete solution to VOC gas monitoring
  • Monitor multiple operating rooms together
  • Quickly identify threats
  • FTIR and other available technologies
  • Versatile, accurate and precise
  • Threshold alarms and e-mail alerts
  • Internal database capable of recording large amounts of data
  • Automatic reports and data export in .csv format

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Aldehydes, Ketones, Organic Acids, VOC – Volatile Organic Compound