Anaesthetic gas contamination monitoring

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A complete and reliable system for hospitals’ safety

Nitrogen Oxide (NO) [ppm] – Diazote Oxide (N2O) [ppm]  – Isoflurane (C3H2ClF5O) [ppm] – Sevoflurane (C4H3F7O) [ppm] – Desflurane (C3H2F6O) [ppm] – Enflurane (C3H2ClF5O) [ppm] – Halothane (C2HBrClF3) [ppm]

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia wanted to develop a solution specifically designed for the safety of healthcare personnel. ETG GUARDIAN is a complete system for measuring anaesthetic gas contamination in the hospitals. Is combining the power of our ETG 9500 with automation to make monitoring self-contained and straightforward. Thanks to the Fourier Transform IR spectroscopy technology, ETG GUARDIAN can analyse – continuously and in real-time – the leading gases used for anaesthetic purposes, both halogenated and non-halogenated.

Designed for safety

In addition to the functions already included in the ETG 9500, new functions have been added to make the analysis process even safer and more comfortable. With the ETG GUARDIAN, multiple environments can be monitored sequentially and automatically. Air sampling is intelligently managed; the sample acquisition system – consisting of a pump and bypass system – keeps the air for analysis up to date and ready for use. This reduces the risk of missed or late detection. The scanning sequence is entirely user-configurable, thanks to a quick and easy procedure.

Fast access to data

As increasing safety in hospitals is the main aim of ETG GUARDIAN, we have worked hard to provide quick access to analysis data; this is displayed in real-time on the large front screen. Also, if the analyser identifies that a (freely settable) gas concentration threshold has been exceeded, the system immediately sends multiple alarms, including via e-mail. The ETG GUARDIAN is equipped with an internal database, in which it records all analysis data for each sampling point. With a few easy steps, you can export the desired data in .csv format, broken down by day and by room. Finally, you can have the system generate automatic reports, keeping you in control of the situation with minimal effort.

  • A complete solution to anaesthetic gas monitoring
  • Monitor multiple operating theatres together
  • Identifies threats quickly
  • Based on FTIR technology
  • Versatile, precise and accurate
  • Threshold alarms and email alerts
  • Internal database capable of recording large amounts of data
  • Automatic reports and data export in .csv format

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C2HBrClF3 – Halothane, C3H2ClF5O – Enflurane, C3H2ClF5O – Isoflurane, C3H2F6O – Desflurane, C4H3F7O – Sevoflurane, N2O – Nitrous oxide, NO – Nitric oxide