Calibrator for gas analysers


Calibrating gas analysers has never been so easy

Dynamic permeation and dilution calibrator

Not just analysis. ETG Risorse e Tecnologia has developed over the years several products to support gas analysers, such as the sample cleaning system that protects them from accidental damage. The ETG CALG calibrator, on the other hand, is a real help in keeping analytical instrumentation in top working order. Calibrating gas analysers needs to be done regularly to keep them accurate and precise. This is done by using a gas mixture of known composition and setting this value in the analyser.

Two technologies in one

ETG CALG combines permeation and dilution technology. While ‘Zero’ calibration (on which the reliability of the analyser to not identify false positives depends) requires only Nitrogen or ambient air, ‘Span’ calibration requires an exact concentration, which is different for each instrument. For most analysers, a certified mixture, available from technical gas manufacturers, is sufficient. This is not possible with the most precise instruments, such as those that detect concentrations in the order of a few ppb. The ETG CALG calibrator can generate the required mixture using the permeation principle, using special tubes. The latter is heated inside a special compartment. The temperature is controlled by certified precision thermocouples capable of detecting changes in the hundredth of a degree. Finally, the mixture is diluted using two sophisticated Mass Flow Controllers that keep the flow precise and stable.

Essential for laboratories
The ETG CALG calibrator can dilute any gas mixture with a Nitrogen cylinder. This feature is handy if you want to perform a multi-point span calibration or need to calibrate several instruments at different concentrations. Thanks to the intuitive interface and convenient touchscreen, set the desired value and start generating the mixture. ETG CALG is an indispensable tool in every laboratory.

  • It allows you to generate a gas mixture fully automatically.
  • Suitable for any analyser
  • Available in ‘Permeation’, ‘Dilution’ or both configurations
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • 5.7″ colour touchscreen
  • Ability to save mixtures already in use
  • Compatible with any permeation tube
  • Accurate sensors certified by third-party laboratoriesv

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