EIMS analyser technology for ammonia, acids and volatile organic compounds (VOC) analysis


Multicomponent gas analyzer – Clean rooms ambient air monitoring – Ambient air quality monitoring

ETG TA 4500 EIMS series is the first ETG product that uses EIMS technology, thanks to which it is possible to monitor, with an extreme precision (ppb level), the presence of pollutants like ammonia (NH3), hydrogen cloride (HCL), hydrogen fluoride (HF), acids, NOx, Cl2, acetone, VOC and others in ambient air.

An evolution of IMS technology

IMS (Ion-Mobility Spectrometry) technology was studied since 1887 by Sir Ernest Rutherford, and it started to be used in the field from the end of ‘50s. This technique is based on the principle of gas ions separation, thanks to their mobility, which is due to their dimensions, shape and charge, in a weak electric field.
The gas to be analyzed is charged using, as ionizing source, radioisotopes like nickel-63 or tritium (hydrogen-3). This kind of ionization has undoubted advantages, among which the absence of an additional power supply and a long lifetime, but it forces the instrument’s producer and customers to take a specific radioprotection formation course, in addition to all the difficulties due to export and transportation. EIMS (Enhanced Ion-Mobility Spectrometry), instead, allows keeping all the IMS advantages and characteristics, while replacing the radioactive source with a plasma one, eliminating all the problems related to handling, formation and dangerousness.

Advantages of the solution proposed by ETG

The use of EIMS technology, which is the core of our analyzer, has been integrated in a reliable and fully tested system, now a trademark of ETG’s solutions. Flexibility and reliability are the strengths of this new instrument, allowing the buyer to use it for multiple purposes.

Air quality analysis

Thanks to the very high resolution, it is possible to use the the ETG TA 4500 EIMS to monitor the presence of harmful compounds in ambient air.

Polluting compounds analysis for clean rooms

The very fast response time, the high accuracy and constant monitoring, make the ETG TA 4500 EIMS the ideal instrument to keep clean rooms under control. Thanks to the possibility to set customized alarms, this analyzer can help ensuring that production runs only under favorable conditions, minimizing contamination scrap.


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EIMS – Enhanced Ion Mobility Spectrometry


C3H6O – Aceton, Cl2 – Chlorine gas, HCl – Hydrogen chloride, HF – Hydrogen Fluoride, NH3 – Ammonia, NOx – Nitrogen oxides, Organic Acids, VOC – Volatile Organic Compound