Echo Hi-Vol Micropollutants High Volume Sampler


Echo Hi-Vol Micropollutants High Volume Sampler

Echo Hi-Vol is a Micropollutants High Volume Sampler “stand alone” automatic instrument designed to be used outdoor even in severe weather conditions.

The Venturi gas meter used is made according to ISO 5167 standards.
This kind of gas meter gives many advantages compared to other flow measurement systems: the measures stability in the long term, the capability of being used with all weather conditions, a reduced sensitivity to stain thanks to the gas meter self cleaning profile and the absence of elements which are sensitive once in contact with inhaled air.
The flow measure and regulation in relation to actual condition, make ECHO Hi-Vol a unique instrument.
This feature allows the user to change the sample head and flow rate without re-calibrating the flow meter.
ECHO Hi-Vol is equipped with a three stages brushless blower, practically maintenance free, and its averaged life is higher than 20000 hours (more than 2 non-stop operating years).

Two sampling inlets are available, PUF and TSP. These are freely interchangeable.
The PUF sampling module with filter holder of 102 mm and adsorbing cartridge (for PUF or XAD2) of 58 x 125 mm allows simultaneous sampling of
particulate and gas fractions with flow rate between 180 and 220 l/min.
In alternative a filter holder for total particulate (TSP) on membrane of 150 mm diam. is available.
This is required for working up to a 500 l/min flow.

In accordance with

ISO 12884
ISO 16362

Main Features

  • Electronically controlled flowrate to standard and actual condition
  • Large graphic display back-lighted with keyboard and RS232 interface
  • Programming with permanent clock
  • Sampling time with 1” resolution and selectable from 1’ to 168h
Measured and stored parameters:
  • Flowrate;
  • Total volume;
  • Ambient temperature;
  • Ambient pressure;
  • Filter load.
  • Capable of storing up to 60 sampling report
  • Capable of storing the sampling flow with 5 minutes interval
  • Light alloy cabinet of small size and light weight suitable for outdoor mounting
  • SMS remote control (*)
  • Sample conditioning depending on wind direction and velocity (*)

Technical Features

Echo Hi-Vol - TCR Tecora

Spare parts, Accessories and Consumables

Echo Hi-Vol - TCR Tecora

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