ECHO EMERGENCY HV High Volume Sampler


Echo Emergency HV High Volume Sampler + Real Time PM

ECHO EMERGENCY HV is the new TCR Tecora® high volume sampler for particulate and micropollutants sampling and monitoring in extreme conditions.

TCR Tecora® research division highlighted the need to design a sampling system that can offer a viable solution in emergency or remote situations such as fires, high mountain, isolated areas, contaminated environments to allow PTS / PM10 / PM2,5 / PM1 sampling on a filter with a backup sorbent trap (PUF) for gaseous organic micropollutants (PCDD/F, PCBs and PAH’s) with the
possibility to monitor PM 10 – PM 2.5 – PM1 real time trend concentrations and 24 sizes classes particle distribuition.

ECHO EMERGENCY HV is also available in Dual configuration for sampling on two independent lines, also as conditional sampling, based for example on wind speed and / or wind direction.

In Accordance with

ISO 12884
ISO 16362

Main Characteristics

  • High volume sampler with battery and Vac supply in a single device;
  • SINGLE LINE or independent DUAL LINE versions;
  • Working parameters control by Docking Station;
  • Battery charge’s automatic control and continuous monitoring;
  • OPC (0.35 a 40 µm) – 24 size classes – max count 10000 p/s;
  • PM10-PM2,5-PM1up to 2000 µg/m3;
  • Integrated GPS;
  • Sample conditioning depending on wind direction and velocity;
  • RS-485 remote programming;
  • Remote control of the device;
  • Fast charging of the battery and a safety parameters control by Docking Station;
  • Flow rate up to1000 l/min.

Technical Characteristics

Echo Emergency Technical Characteristics TCR Tecora

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