EasyGas Plus Constant Flow Sampler

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EasyGas Plus constant flow sampler is compact with high performance, light and cheap!

EasyGas PLUS sampler completes our product range for gaseous compounds sampling and fulfills to the normative regarding CEN/TS 13649:14 “Determination of the mass concentration of individual gaseous organic compounds. Sorptive sampling method followed by solvent extraction or thermal desorption” technical specification.
EasyGas PLUS can also be used in all applications of sampling with vials (eg: EN 14662-2, Ambient air quality. Standard method for measurement of benzene concentrations. Pumped sampling followed by solvent desorption and gas chromatography).
Pump speed adjustment by microprocessor card for maintaining constant flow and flow rate reading via the display 5.5 “touch screen. Data logger
for data storage.
The angular metal protections, installed on the whole range of instruments, avoid damage to the chassis in classic points of accidental contact during normal activities, eliminate mechanical flexures of the structure and became easily / economically replaceable.
Isokinetic! connecting 
Flowtest ST to EasyGas PLUS, the sampler becomes an efficient system with isokinetic control of the flow rate.
 to Isostack G4Bravo X and Bravo DUO via
USB cable,it is possibile to keep constant flow rate ratio during isokinetic sampling.
External LED indicators, visible at long distance, indicate the status of sampler operation.
Integration of temperature probe and line regulation directly on EasyGas PLUS
This means the advantage of not having to transport the adjustment case to the sampling site. Less weight and less space needed!
Easygas special version with max. Flow rate 12 l / min and data logger for data acquisition (allows H2O sampling compliant to EN 14790:17).

Main Features

  • Constant flow portable device;
  • Sampling of gaseous compounds by means of adsorbent vials with lab solvent or thermal extraction;
  • Equipped with silica gel trap and internal circuit protection filter;
  • Gas temperature reading entering the volumetric meter via color display;
  • Together with EASYGAS PLUS the X-TDP probe completes the sampling system, allowing the removal of gaseous compounds also at high temperatures. It is equipped, for this reason, with a sampling tube and a filter holder heated by electronic regulator (EN/TS 13649 compliant);
  • Internal battery (about 10 hours autonomy application dependent);
  • Volumetric counter for sampling line: uncertainty less than ± 2%;
  • Flow rate between 0.2 and 2 L / min (other flow rates on request);
  • Flow rate stability even at low ranges by means of a by-pass valve;
  • Lack of voltage and display on report;
  • Materials:

    AISI 316 stainless steel • Titanium • Teflon

  • Available power supplies:

    230VAC | 110VAC | 12VDC | (Internal battery optional);


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