Dust deposition measurement ADA

Monitoring networks or environmental studies

– Best practices for dust control

Monitoring networks or environmental studies

– Alarms

Real time view of dust deposition – Alarms in case of threshold crossing

– Reduction of claims from neighbourhood

Dust deposition monitoring – Anticipation of possible inconvenience for people

– Regulatory dust deposition measurements

Control of regulatory compliance through real time view of dust emissions (compared to a regulatory threshold)

– ISO 14000 management

Detection of problems – Vision of environmental progress

– Main sources determination

Dust measurements, weather conditions, optical and chemical analysis … to determine main industrial sources of dust

– Investment choices

Main sources causing an impact in the environment – Advices to reduce emissions



MeasurementAutomatic measurement (hourly) mg/m2/day
DepositionOpen collector ISO 42 2 222 – NFX 43014
Dry depositionAutomatic weighing – Daily sample
Wet depositionMonthly sample in a bottle for analysis
Capacity1 month (32 samples)
Sensibility3 mg/m2/day
Accuracy6 mg/m2/day
DimensionsOutdoor box 1,8m x 0,8m x 0,5m
Weight80 kg
Power supply220V – 1kW
InstallationOn a concrete basement


Access to measurements via Internet (secured access)

Raw data available in real time (alarms)

Validated data available at J+1

Automatic alarms if the threshold is crossed and interpretation of trends

Pollution roses indicating the directions in which are the main sources

Filtered graphs based on wind directions to find the conditions of dust deposition appearance

Automatic report’s editing




Dust, Particles


Automotive, Environmental & water treatment, Steel Plants