Delta X Portable Constant Flow Sampler

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delta-x-constant-flow-sampler-light-weight-tcr-tecoraDELTA is a new Constant Flow Sampler Portable developed and build by TCR Tecora®.

Thanks to advice get in the last few years from Delta and Delta MK2 version, R&D division has introduced more functionalities in the new version DELTA X that makes this new version a valid work instrument.

DELTA is a constant flow sampler with the possibility to have a wide flow range from 50 to 22000 cc/min (single line version), or as alternative it is possible to have DELTA DUO version that can manage two single independent sampling lines from 50 to 25000 cc/min on a single line or in case is necessary more flow it can use two lines in parallel with a maximum flow up to 50 l/min.

This instrument can be equipped with a lot of options:

  • Speed and wind direction sonic sensor;
  • OPC (optical particle counter) for real time determination of 24 dimensional classes complete with PM10 – PM2,5 – PM1
  • Telescopic fast-lock system for filter holder installation;
  • Transport system with shoulder belt;
  • Possibility of remote control by Wi-Fi

In Compliance with

EN 482
EN 1231

Delta X Main Features

  • Single or Double line sampler;
  • Standard Flow: range 50-22000 cc/min;
  • Extended Flow: range 50-52000 cc/min;
  • Display 7” touch screen;
  • USB port to download data;
  • Flow recalibration by the user;
  • Possibility to memorize up to 125 samplings;
  • Lithium-ion battery (option);
  • Optical particle counter 24 classes (option);
  • Real time PM10 – PM2,5 – PM1 (option);
  • Weight: 6 Kg single line version, 9Kg double line version;
  • Suitable for a wide range of indoor application;
  • Compliant with EN482 and EN1232.