DECS® Dioxins Long Term Sampler

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DECS® Dioxins Long Term Sampler

Fixed System for Dioxins Sampling on Stack Emissions

DECS is an automatic sampling system, realized for permanent installation on stacks, dedicated to “long terms” Dioxins and Furans collection (PCDD/PCDF) and other POP’s.

The DECS is composed by 2 units:

• Sampling Unit
• Control Unit

Suggested distance between the two units is 50 meters

The Sampling Unit is the part installed on the stack sampling point and is responsible for the sample extraction, without altering its composition, and collecting the solid and gas phases on the appropriate device.

The Sampling Unit is composed by:

• Heated Probe with interchangeable nozzle;
• Heated box for filterholder;
• Condensation system;
• Adsorbing Trap for XAD2;
• Pitot Tube (optional);

Process Characteristics;

• Stack velocity range: 3 ÷ 40 m/s;
• Stack Temperature: max 350 °C;
• Water content: max 40% in volume.

The sampling unit has been designed according to the following requests:

• Ready to work in any moment;
• There is no need to put in or out the stack for each sampling;
• Particulate collecting filter enclosed in a heated box;
• Easy substitution of filter holder cartridge, adsorbing trap and collection devices;
• Made of Glass or Titanium;
• Designed for outdoor mounting;
• Applicable with DN 150 (on request DN 100) sampling port;
• Dimensions: 600 x 700 x 350 mm (w x h x d);
• Weight: 37 Kg.

Control Unit

The control unit is the interface between the sampling unit and the operator who leads all the system function; it is generally placed in a safe area easily reachable.
Realized in an industrial cabinet, it is connected to the sampling unit through electrical and pneumatic connections.

It has measurement and control devices built-in, useful to guarantee in an automatic way the measurement execution according to the laws in force.
The available interfaces are an LCD 10” screen, a keyboard, a printer and an internet/Ethernet connection.
The high automation of the system allows to begin the measurement through the START option which can be activated via Internet/Intranet as well.

At the end of the measurement a summing up report containing all the necessary elements to calculate the concentrations and the subjective valuation of the measurement quality is produced; it is also available a continuous registration of the main parameter and anomalous situation.

The control unit has been designed and built to satisfy the following specifications:

• Full automatic isokinetic control;
• Temperature and sample conditioning automatic control;
• Automatic Leak test;
• Accurate Sampled volume measurement;
• Graphic interface managed by a self-driven software;
• Built-in thermal printer;
• Data logger;
• Internet/Ethernet connection;
• Four analog inputs;
• Input signal concerning the process operation status;
• Fault system status output signal;
• Power supply: 200 VCA 50 Hz 16 A;
• Air supply: 6 bar, oil free;
• Dimensions: 600 x 1800 x 600 mm (w x h x d);
• Weight: 93 kg.


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