Bravo DUO Constant Flow Sampler

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Bravo DUO is a constant flow sampler with 2 diaphragm pumps and double heads!

The heart of BRAVO DUO consists of two diaphragm pumps resistant to aggressive gases. Flow control is assured by a microprocessor board.
Two independent samplers in the same chassis! This means:

– To carry out double sampling with different methods;
– Less weight during transport;
– Less amount of space required during access to the sampling area.

An external coloured LED stripe, visible from a long distance, indicate the running condition during sampling (ok, warning, alarm, stopped).
BRAVO DUO is capable to perform a constant flow or in isokinetic sampling, setting the flow and correct it manually in case of need.
If you want to transform one sampling line of 
DUO to perform an AUTOMATIC isokinetic sampling, connect it to FLOWTEST: Bob’s your uncle!!!
On-board are installed:

• An analog input is available to acquire an external flow measure;
• 1 Atmospheric pressure sensor (to refer the sample at standard condition);
• 1 Type K thermocouple input (Stack gas temperature measure);

In accordance with:

UNI EN 14385
CEN/TS 13649
UNI EN 12919
UNI EN 13284
UNI EN 1911
UNI EN 13211
UNI N 14790
ISO 9096
UNI EN 16911

Main Features

  • Automatic portable steady flow sampler, double independent sampling lines with micorprocessor based control
  • Full flexibility to sample stack gas emission, outdoor air and IAQ
  • High accuracy and stability of the flow measurement;
  • Data display and acquisition of:
    • DGM input gas temperature line1/line2;
    • Environmental humidity (Optional);
    • Atmospheric pressure (Optional);
    • Instantaneous flow visualization durning sampling line1/line2;
    • Total sampled volume line1/line2;
  • Flow range: from 0.15 l/min to max 60 l/min (with series con ection of line1 and line2) pump type dependent
  • IP65 membrane keypad/color display user interface;
  • Data storage of all parameters with easy recall by keypad;
  • Data export via USB port;
  • Control output for optional sequential sampling system for total suspended particles and sorbent tubes;
  • Optional internal high capacity battery;
  • Available power supply: 230 VAC 50/60 Hz | 110 VAC 50/60 Hz.



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