AQMesh mobile air quality monitor

AQMesh low-cost smart outdoor air quality monitor

AQMesh is the only commercially available and proven low-cost system for monitoring air quality. The product combines a robust hardware platform with the latest sensor technology and GPRS communication, cloud-based data processing and secure online access. AQMesh pods are manufactured in the UK to the very high quality based on many years of experience of developing environmental monitoring equipment for harsh environments and challenging international standards. This experience has also allowed electronic noise to be reduced in such a way that the best possible sensitivity is achieved from the sensors used. Gases are measured using the latest generation of electrochemical sensors, which allow compensation for environmental factors and sensitivity to 5ppb. Particles are measured using a light scattering optical particle counter, and noise is measured using an omnidirectional electric condenser microphone.

  • Measures gases NO, NO2, NOx, O3, CO, SO2 and H2S using the latest generation of electrochemical sensors
  • Optional CO2 monitoring with a NDIR sensor
  • Measures particulates PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and TPC with a light-scattering optical particle counter
  • Measures relative humidity, pod temperature, atmospheric pressure and noise
  • Optional meteorological sensor for wind speed and direction measurement
  • Various power options, including battery and bespoke solar pack
  • Wireless communications
  • Secure online data access
  • Extensively proven performance and in the field accuracy against reference equipment
  • Global supply and support

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10 reasons to choose AQMesh

  • No other commercially available air quality monitor can demonstrate better accuracy
  • You can locate it wherever you need to, unconstrained by power and communications infrastructure
  • It is a neat all-inclusive package
  • AQMesh benefits from world-class partnerships
  • Your data is secure
  • Anybody can install, maintain and operate it
  • You can manage AQMesh from an online dashboard
  • The equipment has the quality you expect from an established manufacturer
  • The design is fit for purpose
  • We provide real, ongoing support to users



SensorSensor typeUnitsRange#2
NOElectrochemicalppb or µg/m30 to 4,000 ppb
NO2Electrochemicalppb or µg/m30 to 4,000 ppb
NOxElectrochemicalppb or µg/m30 to 8,000 ppb
O3Electrochemicalppb or µg/m30 to 1,800 ppb
COElectrochemicalppb or µg/m30 to 6,000 ppb
SO2Electrochemicalppb or µg/m30 to 10,000 ppb
H2SElectrochemicalppb or µg/m30 to 100,000 ppb
CO2NDIRppm or mg/m30 to 5,000 ppm
Pod temperatureSolid state°C or °F-20°C to 100°C
PressureSolid statemb500 to 1500 mb
HumiditySolid state%0 to 100%
NoiseOmnidirectional micdB35 to 100 dB SPL
Particle countOptical particle counterParticles/cm30.30 to 30 µm
PM1#1Optical particle counterµg/m30 to 200 µg/m3
PM2.5#1Optical particle counterµg/m30 to 500 µg/m3


Optical particle counter

Fitted as standard



0 to 1,000 µg/m3




SensorLimit of confidence#3Typical precision to ref#4Typical mean prescaled accuracy#5
NO< 5 ppb>0.9 R2+/- 5 ppb
NO2< 10 ppb>0.85 R2+/- 10 ppb
NOx< 10 ppb>0.9 R2+/- 10 ppb
O3< 5 ppb>0.9 R2+/- 10 ppb
CO< 50 ppb>0.8 R2+/- 0.05 ppm
SO2< 10 ppb>0.7 R2+/- 5 ppb
H2S< 5 ppb>0.7 R2+/- 5 ppb
CO2< 1 ppm>0.9 R2+/- 30 ppm
SensorLimit of detectionTypical precision to ref#4Typical mean prescaled accuracy#5
Pod temperature0.1°C>0.9 R2+/- 2°C
Pressure1 mb>0.9 R2+/- 5 mb
Humidity1% RH>0.9 R2+/- 5% RH
Average noise#620 Hz to 20 kHz>0.8 R2+/- 1 dB
Peak noise#620 Hz to 20 kHzN/A+/- 3 dB
Particle count0 particles>0.9 R2 variableN/A
PM1 (v2.5)0 µg/m3>0.85 R2 variable+/- 15 µg/m3 variable
PM2.5 (v2.5)0 µg/m3>0.85 R2 variable+/- 20 µg/m3 variable
PM10 (v2.5)0 µg/m3>0.75 R2+/- 30 µg/m3 variable
PM1 (v2.5h) PM2.5 (v2.5h)

PM10 (v2.5h)

0 µg/m3

0 µg/m3

0 µg/m3

>0.9 R2 variable

>0.9 R2 variable

>0.85 R2 variable

+/- 5 µg/m3 variable

+/- 5 µg/m3 variable

+/- 5 µg/m3 variable

Sensor life


Sensor typeExpected lifespanNotes
Electrochemical2 years#7See AQMesh standard operating procedure
NDIR5 yearsSee AQMesh standard operating procedure
Solid state5 yearsSee AQMesh standard operating procedure
Omnidirectional microphone5 yearsSee AQMesh standard operating procedure
Optical particle counter1 year (minimum)#7Maintenance dependent on application & settings#8



OptionExpected lifespanNotes
External DC>5 years9 – 24V DC
Lithium metal battery pack#9>24 monthsDependent on measurement strategy & pod spec
External high capacity battery pack#9>60 monthsDependent on measurement strategy & pod spec
NiMH rechargeable battery pack>4 monthsDependent on measurement strategy & pod spec
Solar power pack>5 yearsChange internal lead-acid battery every 24 months



EnclosureEnvironmentalMountingApprox. size & weight
ABS, protection IP65Temperature range:

-20°C to +40°C

Humidity range: 15 to 95% RH

Pod supplied with mounting bracket for walls / postsLength: 170 mm

Width: 220 mm

Height (excl antenna): 250mm Height (incl antenna): 430mm Weight: 2 – 2.7kg

Data access and communications


CommunicationsMeasurement periodTransmission frequencyServer softwareData access
Raw data sent to remote server via 2G or 3G SIM (a

data access contract is required)

Variable, from 1 minute to 1 hourVariable, from 5 minutes to 12 hour intervalsWeb browser based, processing of sensor output to give reading, database storage on secure serverTables, graphs, data download, multi-user access, password controlled, optional API

data access

Data access

AQMesh secure data access and online pod management

AQMesh is available with a range of secure data access packages tailored for varying levels of requirements. The table below provides an overview of which features and benefits are available with each option, with further details about the various packages outlined underneath.
Data accessSecure online folderAPI feedSecure login & CSV downloadAPI feed or CSV download
Data collectionNear real-timeNear real-timeNear real-timeNear real-time
Data deliveryWeeklyOn demandOn demandOn demand
Data storage12 months12 months12 months5+ years
Secure login access
Change pod settings
Failed sensor alerts
Cross-gas affected sensor alerts
Destabilised sensor alerts
Sensor rebasing
PM moisture filter
 Additional featuresEmail alerts
 Data validation
 Linear regression analysis
 OpenAir analytics
 Air Now compatibility
 Dynamic time averaging
 Powerful API in JSON and CSV
 Advanced graphing

The API and packages are available as either standard or premium options.

The standard option is for reading interval settings of 10 minutes or longer.
The premium option is for reading interval settings of shorter than 10 minutes.




%RH – Relative Humidity, CO – Carbon Monoxide, H2S – Hydrogen sulfide, NO – Nitric oxide, NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide, Noise, NOx – Nitrogen oxides, O3 – Ozone, PM1, PM10, PM2.5, SO2 – Sulfur dioxide


Automotive, Bio Energy, Chemical, Environmental & water treatment, Fermentations, Food & Beverages, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical & Bio Pharma, Polymers, Power Plants, Semi-Conductor, Steel Plants, Sterilization


Gas, Solids