APHA-380 Hydrocarbon Monitor

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The APHA-380 is an analyzer for measuring hydrocarbon in ambient air and other background gases, for air quality control as well as for variety of industrial applications. HORIBA’s state-of-the-art flame ionization detector(FID) with selective combustion enables high sensitivity and stable real-time continuous measurement.

Ultimate Performance

  • Flame ionization detector with selective combustion provides excellent sensitivity, stability and robustness
  • Simultaneously measures THC, CH4 and NMHC
  • Real-time continuous measurement
  • Single detector eliminates zero drift
  • Wide measurement range with up to 5 ranges selectable, minimum 0-5 ppmC and maximum 0-100 ppmC
  • Enhanced Lower Detection Limit and response time

User-Friendly Interface & Functionality

  • Durable 7-inch wide color touch screen LCD with intuitive interface and trend graph
  • Selectable response time (moving average value), and calculation method
  • Programmable dilution ratio
  • Dust filter accessible from the front panel for easy daily maintenance

Reduced Operational Expense & Maximum Uptime

  • Remote diagnostics allow fast and effective maintenance
  • Internal parts timer with alarm facilitates timely parts replacement, optimizing parts stock
  • High-quality, long lifetime parts for maximum uptime


Connected & Intelligent

  • Remote operation from various devices: PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Modbus® TCP and RTU communication
  • USB flash drive for data storage

* Standard specification is wired LAN connection. For wireless connection, separate device is required.


Environment-Friendly Design

  • Remote operation reduces emission from transportation, contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint
  • Approx. 10%* reduction in power consumption
  • Lightweight design. Weight reduced on approx.15%*
  • Long life parts reduce environmental load

* In-house comparison with previous model.


Hydrogen-Generator OPGU Series

         Hydrogen generator for FID   

  • Generates high-purity hydrogen gas by electrolysis of pure water
  • Does not require sodium hydroxide solution
  • Compact design

APHA-380 Specifications

ComponentMethane, non-methane hydrocarbons, total hydrocarbons (CH4, NMHC, THC)
Measuring principleFlame lonization Detector Method (FID) with Selective Combustion
Measurement range0-5/10/20/50/100 ppmC (up to 5 ranges selectable, auto-range)
Lower Detection Limit (2σ)< 0.02 ppmC*1
Measurement unitppmC, ppm
Sample gas flow rateApprox. 0.8 L/min
Repeatability±1.0% of full scale
Linearity±1.0% of full scale
Zero drift< 0.025 ppmC (24 h)
Span drift< 0.5% of full scale (24 h)
Response time (T95)< 40 s from the inlet*1
Display7-inch color LCD with touch panel
CommunicationEthernet × 2 (Modbus® TCP), RS-232C × 1 (Modbus® RTU) , USB flash drive × 1
Analog output (option)Maximum : 3 channels (insulated)
DC4-20 mA, DC 0-0.1 V, DC 0-1 V, DC 0-5 V or DC 0-10 V
Digital output (option)Relay contact output for range 3 channels, relay contact output for other 6 channels
Digital input (option)Maximum : 4 channels, non-isolated input
Installation environmentOperation temperature : 0-40℃ (32℉ – 104℉), relative humidity : 85% or less
Temperature and pressure compensationWith
Sampling pump and filterInternal
Power supplyAC 100-240 V±10% (max. voltage: AC 250 V) 50/60 Hz, consumption 230 W
Dimensions, weight430 (W) x 568 (D) x 221 (H) mm, Approx. 26 kg
ComplianceCE, UKCA, KC, FCC, China RoHS

*1 : Digital filter
・If there is other measurement range requirement than shown above, please consult HORIBA
・Modbus is a trademark of Schneider Electric USA Inc.

Dimensional Outline (Unit: mm)


Rear Panel Configuration


1. Zero calibration gas inlet (option)         7. AC power connector
2. Span calibration gas inlet(option)         8. I/O terminal block
3. Exhaust                                              9. USB flash drive connector
4. Fuel (H2) inlet                                   10. Ethernet connector
5. Sample gas inlet                               11. RS-232C connector
6. Guide label


Flow Sheet



▪ I/O terminal block (Analog input/output, digital input/output)
▪ Pressurized calibration unit  ▪ Flow sensor  ▪ USB flash drive
▪ Mounting parts (rubber feet, brackets and slide rails, brackets for slide rails)

APHA-380 brochure




Environmental Protection




HC – Hydrocarbon


Automotive, Bio Energy, Bioprocessing, Chemical, Environmental & water treatment, Fermentations, Fertilizer, Food & Beverages, Forensics, Hospital, Laboratories, Marine, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical & Bio Pharma, Polymers, Power Plants, Pulp & Paper, Refinery, Security, customs, fire department, drug agencies, Semi-Conductor, Steel Plants, Sterilization, Universities, Waste Water