APCA-370 Ambient Carbon Dioxide CO2 monitor/analyser

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The APCA-370 is a device for continuous CO2 monitoring in ambient air.

It uses cross modulation type non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption method. This method employes one cell and one light source for both sample gas and reference gas what allows precise measurement without generation of zero-drift. Due to precise measurement and long term stability in continuous monitoring as well as its minimal maintenance requirements, this method has been a preferred method for monitoring the atmospheric pollution.


  • High precision and accuracy in long term
  • Exceptionally low drift by a combination of cross flow modulation and infrared-absorption technology
  • No need for adjustment by optical alignment
  • HORIBA’s unique internal reference gas purifier*, which generates CO2-free zero gas and enhances analyzer performance


ModelAmbient CO2 Monitor
Measurement targetCarbon dioxide (CO2) in ambient air
Measuring principleCross modulation type non-dispersive infrared absorption method
Range0 ppm to 500/1000 ppm
Minimum detection sensitivity0.5 ppm (2σ)
Reproducibility (repeating accuracy)±1.0% of the full scale
Linearity (readout error)±2.0%
Zero drift*±0.1 ppm/day  ±2.0 ppm/week
Span drift*±2.0% of the full scale/day  ±3.0% of the full scale/week
Response rate60 sec or shorter (T90 from the inlet)
Sample collection rateApproximately 0.7 L/min
DisplayMeasured value, alarm, time, alarm history, calibration history, etc.
AlarmsZero calibration, span calibration, etc.

Environmental Protection




CO2 – Carbon Dioxide


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