Our ANALECT Hydrocarbon Smart System (HSS) is the NextGen Process FTIR Monitoring Solution.  The HSS analyzer is an online system that provides real-time, accurate and stable monitoring of physical properties and chemical compositions for refinery process streams. The HSS utilizes patented ExxonMobil technology. The HSS analyzer offers unique simple tools for sample system control, model development and DCS communications. The 15” monitor provides easy access to the user-friendly HMI, and provides real-time, accurate and stable monitoring of physical and chemical compositions for refinery process streams.  Due to the use of the extended Mid-IR range and its large information content, the system is capable of on-line monitoring of crude oil at the start of the refining process to the fuels blender.

The HSS has an extended Near-IR spectral range enables optimal light and heavy hydrocarbons analysis which can analyze up to 24 process streams.  It also allows for optional Dual and Triple Cell configuration for multi-stream analysis with an optional heated sample system to analyze heavy hydrocarbons.  As with our other analyzers there is seamless calibration transfer between the Diamond 20™ lab system and the Hydrocarbon SmartSystem analyzer.  Customers include BP, Eni Agip, ExxonMobil, Gazprom Neft, Kyokuto, Mozyr Refinery, Nansei, OMV AG, Petrom SA, Phillips 66, SAMREF, Saras, Saudi Aramco, Staatsoile, Takreer, Tonen General, Tupras, and Valero.

  • Integrated system includes sample temperature conditioning, water removal, filtration, and automatic features including sample outlier collection, cell wash, and sample validation
  • Rugged vibration-resistant optical bench provides superior stability.
  • Embedded PC option with SpectraQ™, SpectraRTS™ and SpectraQuant™ Software provides a comprehensive analysis including outlier identification and capture, alarming functions, and detailed system diagnostics.
  • Global calibration database provides starter models for quick implementation.
  • Demonstrated uptime greater than 99%.
  • Remote access via modem or LAN.
  • RefinIR™ and RefinIR 100t™ automated lab sampling accessories are available for rapid calibration data collection and routine analysis.
  • Integrate our ASTM compliant D6122 Wash and Validation Skid.
  • ATEX Zone 1 and 2
  • NFPA Class I, Division 1 and 2
  • NEC 505


SpectraRTS™ Software – part of our SpectraSuite™ – engineered exclusively for on-line monitoring, allowing use by engineers, maintenance personnel, and chemists.

  • A leading-edge Windows® based software utilized with analyzers for process monitoring, analysis and control.
  • Delivers flexible set-up and control of your system, extensive diagnostics, easy-to-use scripting and robust DCS communications.
  • Easy access tabs display results and system diagnostics.
  • Color-coded status information with click access to detailed information.
  • Full integrated development environment for VB.Net™ compatible scripting language.
  • DCS communications status.
  • Display of statistical data with custom sizing and splitter windows.
  • Control I/O to switch valves and monitor a variety of sample system conditions.
  • Collect spectra and apply quantitative analysis routines.
  • Transmit product properties, instrument QC data, and alarms via versatile communications protocols.
  • Validate and diagnose your system.

SpectraQuant™ Software – part of our SpectraSuite™ – is leading edge Windows® based chemometric software utilized on our ANALECT analyzers for generating predictions. Leveraging Principal Component Analysis (PCA/PCR).   SpectraQuant consolidates today’s most recognized features for modeling complex multi-component processes.

  • Incorporates proven benefits of constrained principal component regression with the tools available in the Eigenvector Research PLS Toolbox™ Suite.
  • Incorporates baseline constraints, pathlength constraints as well as spectral interference constraints.
  • Features robust and intuitive user interface that includes a flow chart for step-by-step guidance through the model development process.
  • Allows for multiple baseline corrections.
  • Allows for easy frequency selection.
  • Performs pathlength corrections.

SpectraQ™ Software – part of our SpectraSuite™ – enables the effective use of the ANALECT Diamond 20 for laboratory analysis and instrument validation.

  • Collect calibration spectra and perform routine quantitative analysis on samples. It is unique in the fact that it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with our SpectraSuite process spectroscopy software.


  • Improved reliability
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Backed by global service and support
  • Nitrogen for solvent and toluene tank pressurization 4.2 – 8.4kg/cm2 (60 – 120 PSIG) very low average flow.
  • Instrument Dimensions: Optical head and sample box. 220 cm (h) x 97 cm (w) x 46 cm (d) (87 x 38 x 18 inches).
  • Weight: 270 kg (600 lb).

Automated Zero, Validation and Stream Selection:

  • High-reliability, double block-and-bleed valves.

Stable Analysis Conditions:

  • Final moisture, particulate, pressure, flow and temperature conditioning.

Efficient Automated Sample Capture:

  • Software captures only those samples most important for the upgrade of the currently running model.
  • Up to 4 streams, each stream has a dedicated sample capture cylinder with quick-disconnects for easy removal and replacement.
  • Spectral data and statistics are automatically saved for each capture sample.

System Validation to ASTM D 6122:

  • Validated automatically at regular intervals or on-demand from operator or DCS command.
  • Manual validation sample introduction.
  • Validation skid with tanks for validation and wash solvents.
  • For heavy hydrocarbons, the sample cabinet can be heated up to 100°C.





Aromatics, Benzene, Catfeed, Gasoline Properties, MON, Refinery Blending, RON


C6H6 – Benzene, C7H8 – Toluene, Ethylbenzene, MON, Oxygen, RON