AMA – DIM 200 gas Calibrator

Precise auto-calibration of monitoring devices

In unattended operation mode, online GC’s and other instruments for air quality and industrial site monitoring applications require to be checked frequently and to be calibrated as needed.

The AMA DIM 200 calibrator is a compact 19 inch unit for rack mounting in monitoring stations or mobile labs. On request the unit supplies sample gas, zero gas and span gas at multiple concentration levels. This allows for periodic zero gas and span gas checks as well as for calibration of single or combined AMA online GC’s and other monitoring devices. The calibration gas is generated by diluting a source calibration gas with zero gas (e.g. nitrogen or purified air). For high accuracy all gas flows are precisely controlled using digital mass flow controllers.

As a matter of course the setup of the calibration sequence is integrated into the AMA System Control Software allowing to controlling the DIM 200 conveniently for automated validation and calibration of our monitoring systems based on well-defined rules. Alternatively a menu-driven user interface allows for easy set-up and operation of the DIM 200. All status information, such as the concentration level and the corresponding dilution factors are indicated on a large and back-lighted LCD display.

Active heating of the enrichment tube as well as active cooling using a peltier cooler allows for precise temperature control during sampling and sample introduction.


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