Aerocet 831 Handheld Aerosol Mass Monitor

The Aerocet 831 from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem is a completely portable, full–featured, battery operated, handheld mass monitor for indoor air quality monitoring. This device simultaneously provides five critical air particulate mass ranges (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, & TSP) and displays results within one minute from start up. Survey the indoor air quality of your environment with the easy to use, extremely portable, size selective Aerocet 831. Weighing only 28 ounces, this compact handheld air quality monitoring instrument is the perfect tool for a wide range of indoor air quality assessment applications.


Met One Instruments’ Aerocet 831 handheld air quality monitor is simple to operate with two front-panel buttons used with the multifunction rotary scroll wheel to provide user-friendly and efficient operation. Just press and rotate to scroll through the menu driven platform. With the Aerocet 831 one can view particulate count sample history easily on the display, or export data via the USB port using the included COMET software. The Aerocet 831 stores up to 2,500 sample events internally. The USB interface provides quick data downloads and field firmware upgrades. The Aerocet 831 provides up to 24 hours of typical intermittent operation or 8 hours of continuous use on a full battery charge. Battery recharge time is only 2.5 hours. The included AC charger / adapter is able to operate the device even when the battery pack is fully discharged.


Five Mass Ranges (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, & TSP).
Handheld Operation.
Sample History.
Low Cost w/ Data Logging.
Battery Powered.
1-Year Warranty.



Operation Manual.
Battery Charger / Adapter.
USB Cable.
Comet Software.
NIST Certificate of Calibration.


Carrying Case (P/N 8517).
Protective Boot (P/N 80450).
Zero Filter Kit (P/N 80846).
Flow Meter Kit (P/N 80530).


Environmental Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Public & Workplace Monitoring
Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Facility & Process Monitoring
Industrial/Occupational Hygiene


Indoor Air Quality




Automotive, Bio Energy, Bioprocessing, Chemical, Environmental & water treatment, Fermentations, Fertilizer, Food & Beverages, Forensics, Hospital, Laboratories, Marine, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical & Bio Pharma, Polymers, Power Plants, Pulp & Paper, Refinery, Security, customs, fire department, drug agencies, Semi-Conductor, Steel Plants, Sterilization, Universities, Waste Water