51 series – Explosion-proof Gas Analyzer

HORIBA’s 51 Series of explosion-proof analyzers provide safe, reliable and accurate measurements when analyzing flammable gases or operating in explosive environments.

The 51 Series complies with IEC 60079. The 51 Series explosion-proof analyzers infrared allow for the measurement of CO, CO2, CH4 and other organic gases. The TCA-51 uses a thermal conductivity detector for H2 measurements and the MPA-51 and PMA-51 models integrate magneto-pneumatic and paramagnetic detectors for O2 measurements.


  • Explosion-proof Models for Flammable and Explosive Classified Areas
    The 51 Series is approved for use explosive and flammable atmospheres in Japan, which also satisfies international IEC standards.
  • Self diagnosis function
    To provide stable gas analyses, a self-diagnosis function is activated when an abnormal condition is detected. A management function when enacted shows the records of calibration factors and controls auto calibration.
  • Reliable analysis
    A correction or compensating detector mitigates interferences of gases that interfere with the gas being measured
  • LED Display
    The highly visible 51 Series LED display allows operators to easily view the analyzer’s status


Applications example:

Oil and Gas Monitoring

For the accurate measurements in various manufacturing process

oil-gasHORIBA supports stable operation for various industries, including oil refineries and chemical plants, by allowing the management of pure water, measurement of the emission condition, and measurement of the atomosphere where explosions may occure. HORIBA provides the optimal analytic solutions to ensure environmental protection and maintain manufacturing efficiency in a wide range of manufacturing processes.




Crude Oil, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)


CH4 – Methane, CO – Carbon Monoxide, CO2 – Carbon Dioxide, H2 – Hydrogen