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Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System CASS – OC/EC analyzer

The Magee Scientific Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System (CASS), is a combined unit of a TCA08 Total Carbon Analyzer, and the Magee Scientific Aethalometer® AE33, providing a revolutionary scientific instrument that measures the Total Carbon Content (“TC”), the Elemental Carbon content (EC), the Organic Carbon content (OC) and the Black Carbon content (BC) of suspended aerosol particles in near-Real Time.

DRI2015 Multi-Wavelength Thermal/Optical Carbon Analyzer, series 2

The DRI Model 2015 Multi-Wavelength Thermal/Optical Carbon Analyzer is the most advanced instrument in the world for the thermal analysis of the carbonaceous content of aerosol samples collected on filters.

Portable Black Carbon Aethalometer AE43

Portable Aethalometer® Model AE43 measures light absorption with seven wavelength suspended aerosol particles

SootScan™ Model OT21 Optical Transmissometer

The SootScan™ Model OT21 Optical Transmissometer bench top analyzer is a simple and robust instrument which measures the Black Carbon content of an aerosol sample collected on a filter, either from  ambient air or from source emissions.