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Cloud Point analyser model 4212

The Cloud Point test cell is first flushed through with a fresh sample. A small amount of sample is then isolated in the cell and allowed to settle for a predetermined period to allow any air bubbles or solids to separate. The sample cell is then cooled at a controlled rate by a Peltier cooler with excess heat being removed by a coolant. An optical detector senses when the sample is starting to become cloudy as waxy components start to precipitate. The temperature at which this occurs is taken as the cloud point

Congrego® Data Logger for ambient air monitors and analysers

Congrego® is a next generation total data control and logging hardware/software solution for air quality and continuous emission systems, Congrego® is the culmination of ECOTECH’s 40+ years of pioneering research, commercial experience and operational insight.

extractive online gas analysers

The CEM500 is an extractive online gas analysers dedicated to continuous emission monitoring using a very high resolution spectrograph (0.1 nm) with an ultra sensitive 2048 pixels CCD.
It covers applications like DeNOx systems on power plants, generators, chemical plants, petro-chemical plants, or biogas reactors.

Formaldehyde Analyzer – Indoor Air Quality analyser

It allows to: Make precise analyzes, on site, of the pollutants exposure of the occupants of the buildings. Identify peaks and sources of pollution. Control emissions of materials

GAZOTRACK 4, multigas detector

The GAZOTRACK 4, multigas detector.

Hallikainen 1354 Vapour Pressure analyser

The Hallikainen Model 1354 Vapour Pressure Analyser is a completely automated process stream analyser.
Its fast response and minimal maintenance requirements put the 1354 at the forefront of your vapour pressure measurement needs.