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      Analect Lab RefinIR HT FTIR

      The all new ANALECT® RefinIR™ is a fully integrated laboratory autosampler and FTIR instrument. The RefinIR delivers automated spectral data acquisition of multiple liquid refinery stream samples from crude oils to blended gasoline and diesel.

      Schneider Electric USA, Analect PCM Series

      physical, chemical and compositional properties of liquids, solids and gases

      The IRmadillo: An Infrared Process Analyser Fit for the Factory Floor

      The IRmadillo™ FTIR spectrometer is a solid-state instrument certified for use in hazardous and explosive environments. Mounted directly on, or in-line with, manufacturing vessels, the instrument excels at continuous monitoring of industrial liquids and slurries.

      FTIR FTNIR Spectroscopy: Real time multi-component measurements for physical and chemical properties of liquids, solids and gases.

      The AIT on-line, at-line FTNIR and FTNIR process analyzers (Fourier Transform) are based on the rugged Transept™ Interferometer, these systems have years of proven capability in harsh process environments. They are used for numerous process and environmental applications in the refinery, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing industries.


      Chemical and Petrochemical industry
      Refining: Hydrocarbon SmartSystem Process FTIR
      Measuring Multiple Diesel Fuel Parameters: On-line monitoring of diesel product and feed streams
      Measuring Multiple Gasoline Parameters: Real time monitoring of chemical components and physical property predictions
      Crude Oil Characterization: Predict multiple properties including distillation cuts, total acid number, Aromatics
      Benzene Reduction: Low level on line benzene measurements to meet new MSAT II rules
      Pharmaceutical industry
      Other: acrylic fibers, textile fibers, Black liquor, condensed milk, darcon, lycra, galatine, PET, resins poly-isobutyls, printing ink,…

      Instruments: Fourier Transform Infraerd Analysers