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    AE33 Aethalometer inlet kit

    A simple solution for your installation configuration

    AE33 High Altitude pump (HA)

    Black Carbon monitoring at high altitudes.

    Airodis – Data Collection, Validation and Reporting Software

    Airodis provides the user with the ability to automatically retrieve data from a wide variety of instruments and data loggers, perform audited automatic and manual data validation and generate a wide range of graphical and tabular reports.

    Aloa_PM10 : Fine dust measurement

    Continuous measurement of fine dust emissions in µg/m3


    AlphaE is a professional meter for Radon concentration, personal exposure and doses. This ultra-small and light-weight instrument comes with an optional belt bag, an alternative for wall-mounting.


    AlphaGUARD is a portable radon monitor with high sensitivity and outstanding accuracy. It is the benchmark instrument for professional radon monitoring.

    AMA – DIM 200 gas Calibrator

    Precise auto-calibration of monitoring devices

    AMA – GC 5000 Gas Chromatograph

    Online GC systems for continuous monitoring of organic compounds in air and gaseous samples

    Ambient Particulate Air Samplers PQ100

    The BGI PQ100 FRM Sampler incorporates BGI pioneering technology to meet the requirements for ambient particulate sampling dictated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    Ambient Particulate Air Samplers PQ200

    The BGI PQ200 FRM Sampler uses BGI pioneering technology to meet and exceed the requirements for ambient particulate sampling dictated by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

    Environmental monitoring describes the processes and activities that need to take place to characterise and monitor the quality of the environment.