Porthouse of Antwerp, how to get there


The Port House is located in the north of Antwerp, on the border with the Antwerp port area. It is the headquarters of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority. The structure by Zaha Hadid Architects combines the existing historic fire station with a modern superstructure.

Public Transportation:

bus stop ‘Ferdinanduspolder’, which is located 350 m from the Port House, is currently not served due to road works. It is best to take bus 620 to 776 to Kinepolis Antwerp. From there it is a fifteen minute walk to the Port House.

tram line 6 serves the ‘Metropolis’ tram stop, which is a fifteen-minute walk away.

from Antwerp-Luchtbal train station (1.6 km) it is a 20-minute walk to the Port House. Antwerp Central is the nearest major train station. From there, it’s ten
minutes walk to the F. Rooseveltplaats stop from where you can take bus 762, 763 or 764
(see above).

By bike

Calculate the shortest route using Google Maps or a cycle route planner if you come by bike. You can park your bicycle in the underground parking garage of the Port House. There are charging points for electric bicycles. The entrance is located on Mexicostraat (see map at the bottom of the page).

You can do so just in front of the Port House, next to the entrance to the underground car park (Mexicostraat). use a double Velostation. Other Velo stations in the area are ‘Indiëstraat’ and ‘Kambala Street’.

By Car

GPS coordinates: 51°14’28.5″N 4°24’26.6″E


The Port House has two private car parks where you can park as a visitor.

  • Underground parking garage of the Port House: the entrance is located on Mexicostraat and is only accessible to visitors during office hours. A digital sign at the beginning of the entrance indicates how many parking spaces are still available. There are charging points for electric cars in the parking garage. This parking is not available in the evenings and during the weekend.
  • Parking ‘Strasbourg’: you can always go here, even in the evening or during the weekend. This car park also offers an alternative to the underground car park, if it is full. Parking ‘Straatsbourg’ is located next to the parking lot of restaurant ‘Het Pomphuis’, diagonally opposite the Port House. The entrance and exit to the car park is on Merantistraat. From here it is a two-minute walk to the Port House.
  • Underground Parking (Napelsstraat 52, 2000 Antwerpen) is 1,1km from the event venue, that is a 15 minute walk. You may also take the Tram/mtero Nr. 24 from “Antwerp London Station” to “Porthouse of Antwerp”. This is a 3-minute walk to the Metro station, a 4-minute Metro drive, and again a 3-minute walk to the Porthouse. Click this link for more detailled info


From February 26, road works will take place at the intersection near the Havenhuis (construction of the final stop of the tram line Eilandje – Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai – Havenhuis). From February 26, you will only be able to leave the Strasbourg car park via a diversion because Merantistraat will temporarily become a one-way street until the end of the works.

From Siberiastraat it is temporarily not possible to turn left to Merantistraat / Straasbourg parking. Traffic coming from Siberiastraat can reach Merantistraat and Strasbourg car park through a U-turn to be made at Kotterstraat/Groenendaallaan (see map).

Merantistraat and Strasbourg car park can therefore only be reached via the Strasbourg Bridge and Mexicostraat during this phase of the works. Traffic with destination Havenhuis or Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai can enter Mexicostraat from the intersection with the Strasbourg Bridge. Traffic coming from the island and the city center can reach the Port House and underground parking via Mexico Street.

View accessibility plan with the new traffic situation