Improved air quality in your office with healthy bacteria

Improved indoor air quality in your office with healthy bacteria, can this be true?


By injecting a concentrate of healthy bacteria into the air ducts, both the air quality of your building as the productivity and health of your employees will get a boost.

Introduction: In recent years, we have seen an increase in indoor air pollution due to energy neutral buildings. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is influenced by infiltration of outdoor air and indoor generated contaminants (bacteria, viruses, fungal spores). These pollutants are trapped in the energy neutral closed building envelope.

Because of human presence, the indoor air is loaded with substances and micro-organisms that hinder health. They can move through the air and are not visible. They cling to other flying particles and remain in the circular operation of HVAC. Where they feed and multiply in the circulating action of ventilation channels.

Filtering alone is not enough. A HVAC system is equipped with a filter system. These are very effective in \”airing\” out of the air for the most part of pollutants floating in the open air.

The treated air is therefore poor and susceptible to indoor generated pollution.

Unique: Automatic Bio-augmentation of air ducts. It is as simple as it sounds: to ensure better air quality in your office, healthy bacteria are sprayed into the ventilation ducts.

Remember! Before taking action you need to know what is going on. We measure your indoor air quality for VOC\’s, BTEX, BC, Particles and bacteria. After measuring we can discuss and propose a solution.

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IAQ improvement with bacteria (Dutch brochure)

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